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Private Quarters, Marianne Guinee

Private Quarters is a Direct Sale Company of 7 years, previously known as Strouds Linens for 40 years when we had retail stores. (We started the bed and bath specialty area). We cater to a number of customer profiles, including pregnant women and children.

Although we have an online and paper catalog and online ordering, we prefer to talk to you to ensure what you are interested in really fits your family needs.

  • Our 60 day return policy on anything for any reason (even after washing and using) says it all! With a current return rate of less than 1/2 of 1%, we know you will love our products. (And a 1 year defective policy).

  • Did you know Dust Mites and Dust Mite Poop make up 10% of the weight of your mattress and pillows within 2 years if not covered appropriately? Our 100% cotton, complete encompassing Allergen Protectors have a micropore size of 4.9 (if its not under ‘10’, it is useless!) to kill whatever is in there already dead and keep any new ones out!

  • Pregnant women find extreme comfort with our Deluxe Mattress pad, which adds 2” of fiber cushion to your sleep experience; Getting hot flashes? Try our Bamboo Night Shirt or Bamboo babydoll top to keep you cool, wick away moisture and reduce germs.

  • For toddlers, combine the Deluxe Mattress Pad with our Waterproof mattress pad to protect that new mattress investment; deep elastic pockets will easily go over the Deluxe Mattress Pad.

  • Our Serenity Plush sheet material is a signature item, much better than flannel (and it does breathe); Sheared, not Looped; In a fitted crib sheet for the youngest customers, and all sizes of beds. If you have children who do not like to go to bed or stay there, that will change when you put them in Serenity Plush!

  • Our Heathered Sherpa Throw makes a fabulous easy care machine washable baby blanket - and 50x60 is big enough to cuddle mom and baby! In any size blanket it adds extra comfort and warmth to your child’s sleep experience.

And much more! See our online catalog at:

P.O.Box 3398 • Barrington , Illinois 60011
Contact: Marianne Guinee
Phone: (847) 858-3610
Fax: (847) 574-7665