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A trip to the beach with her daughter gave Tiffany Smith a wave of creative inspiration that turned the tide for a new product and business. Like her previous experiences after seaside outings, it was very difficult to clean sand from her little girl’s body and clothing to prevent a car full of the gritty residue that would eventually find its way back to her home. To combat the ongoing challenge, Smith invented Sand Gone — a special blend of all-natural, non-toxic talcum powders that easily remove sand without the need for water.

We know how hard it can be to stock your store with earth-friendly gifts that’s just right for the little ones. So we have put together a Gift Guide featuring of our top selling toys as well as a special section of top toys retail for under $20. No need to spend a fortune to find the perfect present!

So whether you’re customer is shopping for their child, grandchild or another special little guy or gal in their world, we have the perfect, thoughtful, eco-friendly gift for your store.

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Legacy collection in Earth Leather

At Ju-Ju-Be we’re fun and funky. But we’re are smart and concerned too. When we started our quest for a fashion extension in our line, we needed a material that didn’t exist yet. We wanted something as supple and durable as leather, but without the impact on the environment that tanned animal hides have. We also wanted one more critical thing that we through was going to be a pipe dream… we wanted it to be machine washable. After countless hours of engineering and research, we’ve got it. We’re proud of it. We love it. Earth Leather.

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pediped footwear
J. Austin Ryan Designs
Teeny Tiny Optics

Jayla Garden Critters Collection includes a snail hair accessory. You can be sure that this item is one-of-a-kind.
This pink garden snail clip priced at $9.95 is part of our Jayla Garden Critters collection, which also includes a butterfly (in shocking pink) and a dragonfly (in brown and pink).

Isn’t it the cutest little thing? Check out the googly eyes too! We all know how attracted little kids are to anything that moves.

With the soft colors, cute face and knitted swirly shell detail, I’m certain this will earn a rightful place in your daughter’s growing snail collection.

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The quest for the perfect gift for a baby or child can be a challenge. Many gift buyers search for something practical, yet also seek that adorable and unique factor to make their gift memorable. Noellas has met this demand with handcrafted fabric picture frames available in an array of shapes and fabrics for boys and girls of all ages. Noellas is a family-based business that has grown into a team of friendly, down-to-earth people always looking to help their retailers and consumers.

Hipdaisy, a collection of free-flowing apparel for girls is versatile, fun and fancy-free. Created by Jacqueline Stouse, Hipdaisy offers the casual freedom of easy moving cotton fabrics in bright colors that can be mixed and matched with items already hanging in the closet. Easily paired with jeans, leggings or a simple cardigan sweater, Hipdaisy fashions provide value and adaptability. Since its launch two years ago, this up-and-coming brand has enjoyed success as a one-stop choice for everything laid back, yet stylish for girls.

Woombie (KB Designs, LLC)

From the first moment a woman finds out that she is expecting, her world becomes full of questions. Deciding which foods are best, stopping bad habits, and improving overall health can be overwhelming. Finding an ideal exercise plan is also a concern for many women, but with all the dos and don’ts, some are afraid to exercise at all! Thanks to the creator of PregoFIT, expectant women no longer have to worry about over-doing an exercise routine or keeping up with repetitions that might be too stressful for certain stages of pregnancy.

Breastfeeding is a special time for mother and child, but can be challenging for moms with busy lifestyles. The creators of Peek Away understand this difficulty firsthand. Always traveling, creators and parents Natalie and Glen Sanders wanted a nursing pillow that would allow Natalie to nurse her baby on the go without having to lug a huge wrap-around style breastfeeding pillow. With its unique streamlined design, the Peek Away is the perfect alternative for many moms. The convenient Peek Away does double duty as an all-in-one breastfeeding aid and portable diapering center.

“So use…your imagination,” wrote Cole Porter. This remains excellent advice today! Imagination, that glorious key ingredient to a happy childhood, builds a strong foundation in the architecture of a fertile, young mind. Children who nurture creativity find unique solutions to life’s challenges as they grow into adulthood. The Giggle Guide® celebrates the creative sparks that ignite children’s imaginations with a look at crafts and activities from Supereditions, Aliquantum-International, Peter Pauper Press, Faber Castell’s Creativity for Kids and Bead Bazaar.

Bébé au Lait
Caletha Crawford
Kids in Distressed Situations, Inc. (K.I.D.S)

Hippototamus, a European-inspired children’s wear collection, has grown from its origins in company-owned brand shops in NYC to availability at other specialty retailers. For the first time, the brand is offering its unique and competitively-priced Spring 2011 apparel, for children ages newborn through six, to a broader market. “I am excited to be growing Hippototamus, as I began this endeavor five years ago to fill a huge void in the marketplace!” says founder and president Tiffani Talbot. “Better quality children’s wear at a moderate price point was not, and is still not, readily available.”

See Kai Run, popular manufacturer of the perfect first shoe for new walkers is introducing its own collection of organic cotton socks for the Spring/Summer 2011 season. Available in six coordinated sets, each is designed to complement See Kai Run footwear for a perfect match.

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Babies amuse themselves with the simplest objects. Anything that rattles, rolls, dangles or squeaks suggests amusement park-like fun to little ones! Children have an inherent ability to uncover joy through simple pleasures, an ability that can be easily lost in adulthood. Adults, for example, look at a man’s necktie as simply a clothing accessory. However, in the eyes of a child, dad’s tie is an exhilarating plaything! With creative inspiration, Smart Mom, LLC introduces a tie designed for child’s play — the Babe Magnet: a tie that babies can enjoy safely, and dad can wear stylishly.