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The Chicago Market: Living and Giving® is excited to announce the addition of South African Consulate artists to the January Market. The South African Consulate will be featuring over 12 artists in booth, 8-9100and 8-9111. Exclusive South African handmade products offered, include hand-blown glass, wood carvings, wire and bead products, basket weaving, jewelry, clothing accessories and much more.

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The California Gift Show® continues to evolve and excite, by offering buyers a global experience with its rebranded Kentia-The Global Marketplace section. Kentia, which unveiled a new look at the July 2010 market, has been well received by exhibitors and buyers alike.

An International experience that cannot be found at any other gift show.

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Responsible parents are concerned about the healthy physical and mental development of their children. By investing early in their children’s feet, via quality footwear, they can help support their kids from the ground up — for a lifetime! After all, healthy, happy feet get kids going in the morning and keep them moving though whatever life has in store for them day to day, and year to year. Throughout the formative first years, children never outgrow the need for new, properly sized footwear that is designed to promote healthy foot development.

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At Pedoodles we make it our business to ensure growing little feet are surrounded by quality and comfort! That’s why all of our fun-loving 2011 styles are made with super soft, lab tested materials and fitted with recycled PedFlex™ rubber soles that are not only good for toddler toes; they’re good for the Earth as well!

This season, we are excited to welcome ten snazzy new, ultra-flexible, Eco-friendly styles to our growing lineup. They’re perfect for the healthy development of toddler feet and feature a generous dose of style — just for fun!

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Wintertime brings special challenges for parents and kids. Dressing for a simple trek outside often ends up as an all-out hunt for the proper outerwear and accessories that are essential to keep tiny heads and hands warm. Trying to keep track of kids’ hats and mittens is nearly impossible! Little kittens lose their mittens, which means lots of trips to the store for extras that eventually meet the same fate. Now, thanks to the resourceful, all-in-one design of RoozKidz! winter apparel, parents can abandon the struggle to keep those tiny articles in tow.

The concept behind BABYBEARSHOP™ is a simple one: give parents and babies the best organic skincare. Free of all things synthetic, the full line of soaps, lotions, and oils from BABYBEARSHOP offers products that are easy on the environment as well as the body. Featured in several popular magazines, including Vogue, Pregnancy and Newborn, and Lucky, and on television’s Today show, BABYBEARSHOP is educating consumers how healthy skin comes from nature.

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Diaper bag–manufacturer Ju-Ju-Be has announced the addition of Sharberg Trading and Bor Markic as the distributors for India and Slovenia, respectively.

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Dresses from Blue Juniper capture the blue-gray color of an evergreen, vivid impressions of red and orange hibiscus flowers on khaki, luau-purple dahlias floating on a creamy pink background, and pale pastels that run the circumference of an artist’s color wheel. These are only a few of the colorful visions and fabric designs that Blue Juniper crafts into a flower garden of stylish and easy-to-wear dresses and accessories ready for spring and fall fashion bouquets! The creations have a home-made character with simple, airy styling that makes them comfortable and practical, with plenty of eye-appeal.

With inspiration drawn from Frank Sinatra’s carefree melody “Do-be-do-be-doo,” the trendy children’s clothing line ToobyDoo strives to challenge children “to be” as they grow up, instead of getting wrapped up in the “to do’s” in life. From this inspirational challenge, a clothing line has emerged that easily boasts being “high on style, easy on play.” ToobyDoo prides itself on providing high-end, preppy clothing pieces that embody playing and exploring. Simple, sophisticated designs are stylish, while keeping comfort and function in mind.

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Go green… recycle… save the planet! No matter how you say it, taking care of Planet Earth is a shared responsibility and definitely a concept that must be passed on to children. Little Pickle Press is dedicated to this cause, with a mission to “help parents and educators cultivate conscious, responsible little people.” This includes teaching the importance and responsibility of being green and recycling. Little Pickle’s conservation efforts stand out in its various products — including posters and children’s books — and particularly shine through in the book, What Does It Mean To Be Green?

After all the Christmas shopping is done, the wrapping begins! Most of us traditionally surround each gift with tissue and a box, cut wrapping paper just the right size, fold here, tape there, and top with a name tag, ribbon, and bow. All that time and effort are quickly undone when Christmas morning frenzy makes the paper fly. Sadly, when the unwrapping is done, the bulk of packaging overflows trash bins and makes its way to the landfills. It seems like such a waste, literally! That’s exactly the sentiment Adrienne Johns experienced after a family Christmas a few years back, and thus ellaWrap was created.

Life Size by Ron Robinson is now an authorized retailer of the fun, functional and super smart Ju-Ju-Be® collection!

Ju-Ju-Be™, a manufacturer of chic, high-tech and practical diaper bags and accessories can now be found at the trend-setting Life Size by Ron Robinson boutique at the world-famous Fred Segal shopping centers at the Santa Monica and Melrose locations.

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