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For any parent who has exclaimed, “How does so much come out when so little goes in?” there’s a way to make diapering slightly more cheerful. While it won’t make baby poo smell like roses, flowers can still be part of this dirty job with handmade baby wipe containers from Made by Angie. Angie created her company when she found she was bored with staring at the same old wipe container every day. Craving color and funky fabrics, she began to experiment with making these diapering accessories a little more fun!

Central Vermont, home to Maple Landmark Woodcraft, has a long and proud history of crafting wooden products. Over two hundred years ago, most Vermont towns had several individuals who made functional items from wood. Mike Rainville, the founder of Maple Landmark, is proudly part of this continuing tradition. Since the business began, customers have responded with enthusiasm to the cars and trucks; games including checkers, chess and dominos; train whistles; fairy wands; and scores of other finely crafted items and “Made by Me” construction kits that encourage kids to build creatively.

Many American companies find that manufacturing in the U.S. helps them do a better job of maintaining quality control and reliable delivery. While big retailers can afford to keep buyers abroad or send executives across the Pacific to check on suppliers, this doesn’t make sense for smaller companies. Made in the U.S.A. brands provide goods buyers want, made to their precise specifications, and delivered on time. These brands are just a few good examples of American-made pride: Petites Frites, Noli, Noli, Funkie Baby, and Fleming Clothing.

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Children need to have innovative outlets, and they need to have their own work (and play) appreciated to build confidence. There’s no better way to do this than through crafts. Recent studies have shown that crafts help relieve stress –– something that everyone can appreciate. Clayzee by Aliquantum-International, Creations by You, Sandtastik, and the Chenille Kraft Company all provide pleasurable, safe crafting materials that delight the senses while allowing children’s personalized artwork to be shared with an appreciative audience.

Remember the fun of making tents and hiding places when you were a kid? You’d gather as many blankets and pillows as you could find and swipe a couple of chairs from the dining room. With two little hands and one big imagination, you would turn these simple household items into a cozy den in the forest or a pioneer camp on the Great Plains. Toddler TeePees by Imaginenation are a fun and easy way for children to enjoy the tradition of tent play, without all the hassle of set-up and take-down.

Bear Feet is based on the idea that bare feet are actually better than shoes, however since the modern environment is dangerous for bare feet, we decided the shoes might as well be amazingly adorable too. Bear Feet began in an attempt to create the perfect baby shoe - soft and non-constricting, but also stylish. Thus the classic Little Bear Feet infant bootie was designed, hand-cut and hand-sewn out of a tiny scrap of leather. In 1985, in Austin Texas, the name Bear Feet was born and the shoe company began.

Combining comfort with simplistic designs, robinwrendesigns offers an adorable collection in 100% Cotton. It is soft enough to make you melt and wonderful next to babies skin. robinwrendesigns launches her new spring 2012 line. With the sophistication of hand embroideries, robinwrendesigns is perfect solution for unique shower gifts. No grandma can resist these fun to wear styles. The entire collection is made in the USA.

The Chicago Market boasts a strong line-up of programming, vendors and new trends, making the show in July a must-attend event. The combination of educational and inspirational presentations from industry leaders will provide retailers the information and tools necessary to stay abreast on the evolving industry dynamics and purchasing trends of today’s consumer.

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Parents won’t want to bronze Lil Tootsies by Santa Barbara Design Studio – they are already a work of art! Lil Tootsies are hand-painted twists on the typical high-top infant shoe. Created by artist Phyllis Holly, with special ribbons and laces, these colorful shoes aren’t made for walking. They are feats of fancy for the pre-walkers. The Lil Tootsies slogan says it all: “Cute Baby, Cute Feet.” Shopping for items to include for the holidays and year-round baby showers and welcome gifts? These Lil Tootsies make treasured baby gifts with lots of impulse-buy appeal.

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When it comes to the funnest organic apparel for baby, the cat’s out of the bag! It’s no secret that Cat Fish Design clothing sports wild ‘n’ crazy messages, with personality plus. With cute sayings such as “Lunch is on Me” and “America’s Next Top Bottle”, Catfish Design is the cat’s meow with fresh novelty baby clothing that’s causing a bit of a frenzy. Cat Fish offers 100% organic clothing made in the U.S.A that’s not your typical crunchy granola-colored one-pieces. The products are catnip for impulse shoppers, with a kitten-soft and supple touch and colorful drawings that complement colorful messages.

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