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Sleep-deprived moms, here's how to cope: -- Kids on 6 Market Week Previews Fall '10 Collections at CMC. Thanks to the reps I saw. Missed many too.
Show Report: Back-to-School Children's Club Earns an A+ --
Great article on the uses of BabyLegs
Alright, my internet is having tantrums tonight. Have to give it time-out LOL! Goodnight everyone!
@sassingme Love it! You are going to love them let us know how much she likes them.
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@Upstatemomof3 It's weird for me too. I don't know why!
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Okay, now the photos are back. Whew! Go check them out on our fan page! No Slippy Hair Clippy's Spring Styles
Abra Cadabra and poof! My photos have disappeared! Can you guys see it on the fan page? I can't! *worried* What's...
Dear Facebook, I feel like I'll never be able to get to know you. You are a mystery to me! But let's be friends, okay? Love, No Slippy
@bookieboo LOL! Boys will be boys, no matter what age!
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@queenoftheclick Is it the kind that they mix so expertly from one cup to another? Looks really good!
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I posted 9 photos on Facebook in the album "No Slippy Hair Clippy Spring"
Sometimes I can be such a Facebook newbie! LOL! -Rach
What are fun Easter goodies to give away? I feel like I want to be creative and try something new aside from the usual candies!
We finally reached 500 followers! So thankful! Help us get the word out and when we reach 1000, we feel a huge giveaway coming! RT PLS! ;)
food for thought... every job is a self-portrait of the person who did it. Autograph your work with excellence.
Hooray! New Twitter page! We have lots and lots of new things coming up.