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Congratulations to Marlo Hoffman and Lisa Starbuck, co-founders of PsychoBaby in Chicago that celebrated its seventh anniversary earlier this May! This one-of-a-kinda-crazy brick and mortar kids’ store also now counts the Internet as its worldwide territory. The store is fun, funky, wild, original and a celebration of all things that are hipper, cooler, trendier, edgier and as unique as children’s individual personalities and creative outlooks.

I’ve always thought bangs are cute. So I had my hair cut to have bangs on them. Then it turns out my forehead doesn’t think they’re so cute after all. My skin is too picky with my hair styles, I tell you. Somehow, it abhors any contact with my hair! One wrong move and boom: major breakouts. The breakout that developed quickly on my forehead was a pretty clear sign to me that it’s time to do some damage control. But then there’s not much I can do but to wait for the bangs to grow out. And boy, do they take time to grow out…

Expired: May 11th, 2010 - May 31st, 2010

For every 10 Carabeans you buy, receive 1 free Spring Bean in the color of your choice! If you haven’t tried these yet, it’s a great way to test them out.

Remind your clients that Carabeans and Spring Beans will make summer traveling easier—what’s a trip to the amusement park without somewhere to hang all your bags, and a stroller tent clamped over a sleeping baby?

Contact: Mary Kay Holmes / (310) 397-7471
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Satsuma Designs
Woombie (KB Designs, LLC)
Expired: May 11th, 2010 - May 31st, 2010

UV-coverup and/or swim shirt that dries quickly to become all day sun protection active wear, the new 50++UPF Beach & Bike Shirt is this summer must have. Longer in the back with hidden back pocket for “stuff” comes in long or short sleeve.

New for 2010 , images sensitive to UVA & UVB rays. Even on a cloudy day the image will start to appear, notifying parents that sun screen is needed on exposured ares. Kids think it’s magic…..we call it Sun Smart!

Contact: Joanne Speight, Charles Sathmary / (416) 224-8083

Vote for Baby Bella Maya in Pregnancy & Newborn’s Reader’s Choice Survey!
Cast a write in vote for us under “Favorite Baby Shoe Brand” and “Favorite Shower Gif.”
You can vote daily, and every time you vote you are automatically
entered to win free prizes! Thank you for your support of Baby Bella Maya!
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It was the strangest thing… I was reading through tweets one day and came across this from Krista Colvin (@KristaColvin)

Normally I wouldn’t click on links because I don’t have a lot of time. I’m so easily distracted that I literally have 19 tabs open in 2 different browsers. I even downloaded a third browser “just in case.” Anyway, back to the point…

Bébé au Lait
Michael Scott Studio

Thanks to the BabyMakes3 baskets we’ve been sending to all our favorite celebrities, we’ve been getting the sweetest thank-you notes here at BopStarBaby. First it was Jenna Elfman, star of Accidentally on Purpose. Next, it was Noelle & Dick Wolf, the creator/producer of Law & Order, who were both excited about the Dropper Stopper™ and Sassy® developmental toys. Last, but by no means least, Maria and Joseph Fiennes wrote to rave about Sassy®, No Slippy Hair Clippy® and BabyLegs® (accidently ID’d as Trumpette)! It’s wonderful to hear from people as excited as we are about these products.

Good Gracious!

Here’s a list of the celebrities who took the time to write personal thank-you notes this April for their BopStarBaby Celebrity Baby Baskets:

  • Jenna Elfman, who received a BabyMakes3 gift basket in March.
  • Noelle & Dick Wolf (creator/producer “Law & Order”), who also received a BabyMakes3 gift basket in March.

Seen on the Scene

Contact: MaryLenore Arsenault / (647) 382-7827

The Chicago Market: Living and Giving® announces its Market dates through the next three years, 2011 – 2013.

The Chicago Market continues to expand its permanent showrooms and temporary resources, and for the upcoming July 2010 Market. Buyers can expect to see up to five new showrooms, a significant growth in temporary suites, and 35% new-to-market resources.

The Chicago Market is an affordable place to do business too with $10 per square foot rates for exhibitors, plus travel hotel rates starting as low as $129 per night and $10 daily parking vouchers for attendees for this July.

Contact: The Chicago Market / (312) 527-7600
Feather Baby
Little Things Mean A Lot
Itzy Ritzy

Convincing a stubborn young child to take a bath can sometimes be a challenge. Luckily, a few fun tub toys can make those little bath time balkers dive into the water for a sporting splish-splash adventure. Pendergrass takes to tub toys like a duck to water, and offers a variety of fun packs designed to coax even the most bath-phobic youngsters into the tub.

Text messaging has become a mainstay, and its influence can be seen in fashions for even the youngest of kids. While really young children may not be doing the texting, their clothing buying parents are! The shorthand styles used for text messaging and the Internet are making a statement on children’s fashions from infancy through teens. Manufacturers know that hip parents have LOL fun with the text message fashion fad, and also favor natural, comfortable cotton fabrics for their children. The Giggle Guide® presents three clothing lines that are 2 good 2b 4gotten: Text Message Baby, dekoposh and FunZees by Sara Kety Baby & Kids.

We’re happy to announce that our coveted bamboo velour throw blanket - 58”x48” is back IN STOCK! Our adult sized bamboo velour throw blanket is two layers of eco-luxurious warmth. Great for the nursery or anywhere in the home, this best seller is the result of customers asking ‘do you make one in my size?!’ Yes, we do! Bamboo velour/organic cotton. 48”X58”. Wash gently in cold, line dry. Made in USA of imported material.

Contact: Jennifer Porter / (206) 604-6465