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Going green has never been so easy! Parental demand is growing for eco-friendly apparel, and designers are digging up the finest and most appealing textiles with all natural — but never boring — colors and prints to embellish the earth children of today, ensuring a brighter tomorrow. The Giggle Guide® loves to highlight the best and brightest, and today we have our eye on green garments and footwear for kids’ closets from these terrific eco-friendly brands: Feather Baby, Sage Creek Organics, Lucky Jade, HuggyBunny, Pedoodles and Sweet Shoes.

Expired: April 1st, 2010 - April 30th, 2010

Don’t miss the chance to get these adorable one-piece outfits for $12.00. They are made with super soft 100% cotton. Be sure to hurry. Stock is limited. email us for more information.

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Cheer up Kermit! When it comes to products for babies and children, it’s easier than ever to be “green”. Today’s companies are paying close attention to safety concerns and parental demands, and are producing a wide variety of environmentally-conscious products. As we get ready to celebrate Earth Day this month, The Giggle Guide® is featuring brands that make going green a walk in the park. Happy Heinys, BabyGanics, Cotton Monkey, Sofi & Liv, and Mary Meyer are fantastic companies whose products are designed to be kind to both babies and the environment.

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Children's Club - New York, New York (3/7/10 - 3/9/10)

With over 750 collections, including 123 new lines, the three-day ENK Children’s Club Fall/Winter Back-to-School Show was an extravaganza of children’s fashion at its best! This coming together of leading brands in the children’s market was a perfect representation of what today’s market demands in both style and price, and featured over 100 environmentally-conscious collections from established brands like Coccoli, Kate Quinn Organics, Sage Organics and Petit Bateau. The Giggle Guide®’s Leesa Valentino covered the show and had her eye on the following favorites: Kiwi Industries, la Lovie, Skylar Clothing and UB2 Urban Baby Bonnet.

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When it comes to being fabulous, very few women come close to Kimora Lee Simmons. She is so fabulous in fact, that she even coined a term to describe the art of being fab like her: FABULOSITY.

But before I get busted by the Grammar Police, this post isn’t just about her—ermmm—fabulosity. It’s about how she can be her larger-than-life self and still be a loving mother to her little girls.

Well, wonder no further because she has revealed her top 10 parenting tips recently at!

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The Giggle Guide® asked 26 moms “Are there certain types of children’s products you’re willing to pay a premium for?” When it comes to the welfare of their children, it is not surprising that most moms will invest more on products that ensure their kids’ health, safety, comfort and education. Quality and durability are also worth a premium. It is interesting that there is one product category in particular moms don’t want to skimp on — what do you think that is?

The age-old mystery of disappearing children’s socks frustrates parents to no end. From hungry washing machines to mischievous family pets, socks always have a way of losing their significant other. We’ve all scratched our heads in wonder at some point at the lonely, limp sock at the bottom of the laundry basket. Just where did that other matching sock go? How can parents avoid the dreaded odd-sock dilemma?

by Earnshaw’s
Mon, 03/22/2010

Seasons UV Solutions of Toronto, best known for its SunSmart line of children’s UV swim and playwear, is taking action to grow its U.S. presence. “We are bigger and better,” said president Joanne Speight, noting the company has purchased a new 250,000-square-foot manufacturing facility in mainland China, established showrooms in Hong Kong, purchased a new head office and warehouse in Milton, Ontario, and entered into a joint venture with Concord, Mass.-based Real Kids Shades.

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Fairy Finery Inc
bINK'd Pierce-free Temporary Tattoo Earrings & More™
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Convertible Designs, creator of the wildly popular T-Jack, the All-In-Fun Jacket/Pillow/Toy Combo, has done it again! The company recently introduced a spectacular new line featuring four lovable Character Prints: Tough Turtle, Fearless Frog, Lovely Ladybug and Busy Beetle. Inspired by nature and the idea of transformation, each adorable animal character is positively brimming with personality. These playful tees and accessories are becoming fast favorites for little nature-lovers everywhere!

Plush stuffed toys are perfect for cuddling, snuggling and providing a touch of security for children at home and away. As children grow into toddlers and preschoolers, however, they often gravitate toward larger stuffed toys. Life-sized plush toys are great for snuggling, but they take up a lot of room and are hard to carry on overnight trips to Grandma’s. The Giggle Guide® has found a solution! Meet Bubby, My Inflatable Buddy.

I met Angela Edgeworth, president and founder of pediped Footwear, in 2005 at her first gift trade show. We hit it off quickly as Angela was very open to sharing her new venture and I was only too willing to give her my two cents worth of trade show wisdom. (I remember that she made me aware of the potential to sell children’s products and gifts to upscale car washes!) At our first meeting we began what has grown into a very nice business friendship, based on mutual respect, admiration and appreciation of our ability to help each other in our respective businesses.