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“Children should only be hungry for an education.” These are the moving words of Olivia Marjoram, founder of Share Your Lunch Projects. Statistics show that every 6 seconds another child in our world dies as a result of hunger. This ominous reality moved Olivia to do her part to help raise the odds for children living in third world countries. In 2009, she founded the Share Your Lunch Projects organization, with the mission to feed impoverished children at least one nourishing meal per day.

There are so many ways to spruce up baby’s nursery or any room sustainably. A new room update doesn’t require spending a dime if you gather up a few eco-chic tips!

An easy and natural way to create atmosphere in any room is through scent. Consider the delight from delicious kitchen aromas or the smell of a bubble bath. At the May 1st Eco-Chic Expo in Seattle, exhibitor Satsuma Designs will help guests create these scents to turn each day into a springtime stroll. Here’s a little recipe they’ve cooked up.

Sweet Smells from Satsuma Designs - Natural Room Scents

Advise Retailers On How To Take Their Business To The Next Level

LOS ANGELES, CA (April 29, 2010) – The California Gift Show® announced today that Gordon Segal, chairman and co-founder of Crate and Barrel will present the keynote presentation, “It All Begins With The Merchandise,” at the July Market, from 11 AM – 12 Noon on Friday, July 16, 2010.

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A loving smile, a boo-boo kissed away, a helping hand in a time of need, and words of wisdom when it matters most are but a few universal examples of a mother’s love. Every day, mothers around the world give love unconditionally, yet they rarely take the time to do anything special for themselves. With Mother’s Day approaching, The Giggle Guide® reviews a sensational selection of gifts from Curious Chef, Aromababy, Scientific Explorer, and Made By Hands that gives kids and dads a chance to show Mom how much she is truly appreciated.

Huggalugs, maker of fun and funky pint-sized leghuggers has added 6 new designs to our extensive collection. Choose from a beautiful Damask prints in pink/white(Hamilton) and black/white (Darby) colorations, skin prints in Giraffe and Black Zebra. Also included are Arabellese, a beautiful soft gray and pink fan design and Fallin’ Flora which has pretty white daisies on a purple with pink dots ground.

Available for early May delivery. Make sure you check out our website for more designs as well as our popular LegRuffles!

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TV moms, with their perfect hair, flawless makeup, and seemingly endless free time, make motherhood look like a walk in the park. Of course, in real life, new moms find out all too quickly that the reality of motherhood can be quite different. Thank goodness for Mother’s Day! It affords a fantastic marketing opportunity for retailers to suggest products to pamper moms of all ages. A Mommy Comfort Pack from Mambino Organics, some bubble bath from little twig, an ultra-absorbent bath towel from Bamboo Moon and a luxurious American Terry Company robe can combine to create a relaxing, well-deserved and memorable experience for Mom.

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Mommy Toolbox was launched by Mary Kay Holms in the Fall of 2008 after several years of watching her friends use less than ideal tools to attach things to strollers. She says, “I’m always looking for ways to make life easier and being able to strap things onto a stroller or your body leaves your hands free to take care of the kids.” Inspired to help other parents, she created the convenient Carabean clip. Mary Kay, based in Los Angels, gives us a “Behind the Brand” look at the tools of her trade and how she crafted her handy dandy company.

The annual All Baby & Child Spring Conference, May 3rd-5th in Louisville, Kentucky, is organized to help children-focused business owners learn how to improve sales opportunities and network with peers. Industry experts are lined up to share their knowledge of merchandising, manufacturing, marketing and more! Guests will also have the opportunity to preview some of the hottest new products available in the children’s market. The Giggle Guide® presents a brief preview of some of the great things to be seen, including items from Con Leche Watches, My Spoon and Twelve Timbers.

For centuries parents of small children have noticed a strange phenomenon… kids seem to grow bigger overnight! As children sprout skyward, they love to see their growth spurts commemorated on a chart. Many parents measure the growth of their children by making marks on a wall. But what about parents who don’t want to mark up their walls, or the inevitable move that leaves the inching-up record behind? BeanSprouts, a manufacturer of personalized growth charts, has the perfect solution!

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Bébé au Lait

Paying tribute to the good ole’ United States of America is important to many consumers, which makes it equally important for many retailers and designers. The following companies are proud to manufacture their clothing lines in the United States. Committed to helping the economy by employing locally, rather than outsourcing, and using top-quality and eco-friendly materials, Nay et al, Kandle Kidswear and Tralala are dedicated to providing the best and most fashionable children’s clothing.

Fall is vivid – everything is enhanced from the yellow, orange and red leaves falling on lawns to smoky smells wafting through the air. The season also brings cooler weather, and as parents get their children’s back-to-school clothing out of storage, they often discover that the kids have outgrown last year’s outfits and jackets. As the Fall 2010 wholesale buying season winds down, springtime gives retailers a last chance to plan ahead and be prepared for the “windfall” of new children’s apparel next autumn. Here are a few Fall 2010 favorites The Giggle Guide® is falling for from Attitude Pie, Alpha Industries, Llum, and Desigual.

Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale’s son Zuma is wearing his big brother Kingston’s hand-me-downs! Good thing they’re the ever-adorable BabyLegs® - the very same ones we sent in Kingston’s Big Brother Basket way back in the summer of 2008. We saw the whole family on the way to a party in Malibu in the pages of OK!, People, and Us Weekly this week – it’s their very own Easter Parade!

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