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What makes a baby grow and thrive wrapped in smiles? The Green Creation that offers clothes for babies and toddlers likes to think it’s the garments they make of one hundred percent organic cotton to which they add another hundred percent love. The garments are made of ultra-soft, all-natural, organically produced cotton in India, certified by Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) as well as being certified Fair Trade. Green Creation clothes have been featured in many magazines and praised for being eco-friendly, fashion-forward and stylish without breaking the bank.

Looking for a new feeding product that offers a recipe for sales success? Perhaps your shoppers are sick of buying jars of baby food for kiddies starting on solid foods. Maybe they are unsure of exactly what’s in those tiny jars and how wholesome the foods really are. More than likely, many customers share these thoughts and will salivate at the idea of an easy way to freeze and store big batches of healthy, homemade puree and food for older babies.

There’s a reason they don’t say “necessity is the father of invention.” Many mothers have started in the children’s business by solving a real-life problem. Sharon Oved is a good example of a mompreneurial success story. After getting pregnant with her first child, Sharon found out her own mother had breast cancer and vowed to breastfeed for a year. It wasn’t easy, though. Trying to gracefully exit a room to nurse privately meant Sharon was missing special occasions. (At that time, breastfeeding coverups had not become a saturated product category.) One desperate night she took an old sheet and used it as a cover-up, allowing her to nurse “privately in public.”

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Itzy Ritzy Snack Happened Bags are not only adorable with lots of print options, they are also reusable, machine washable, and eco friendly!
So now snacking can be even more guilt free.”

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Thank you to our amazing and supportive community for voting for Itzy Ritzy - we are so thrilled to win this Red Tricycle Award out of 142, 865 votes and couldn’t have done this without you. As a thank you, we are celebrating with exclusive specials!

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It’s ideal for families to sit down together to enjoy mealtimes. But sitting down is a bit of a misnomer. In reality, most parents with toddlers are getting up constantly to grab thrown silverware or bottles, having to wash the items before placing them back in their little one’s hands, just to see them flung again. What if you could sell something to parents so they would have what they need at their fingertips, without bending and cleaning throughout dinnertime? Then you’d have a gold mine… or The Highchair Organizer.

These days, parents are encouraged to get their little ones away from teeth-altering baby bottles and more toward actual cups around age one. While a sippy cup provides a good transition from bottle to standard cup, it’s not the only alternative. Enter the Lollacup, an adorable straw-based alternative made the U.S.A. The flexible straw on the Lollacup has a weighted end that anchors it in the liquid to help young children drink effectively at most angles, letting them learn how to sip without major spillage.

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New York, NY – October 26, 2011 – Kids in Distressed Situations (K.I.D.S.) today announced that, as a result of increased support from its donors, it was ranked among the top 2% of all not-for-profits, including major universities, medical centers, hospitals and charities, according to the Chronicle of Philanthropy’s annual “Philanthropy 400” list for 2011.

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Step into a Wall Street conference room and there she is — the hard-charging business exec running the satellite-linked meeting with baby spit-up on her shoulder. Swing by the school’s lush outdoor park and you can track him down — the brilliant investment banker who’s cheering on his twin girls at their soccer match while cornering the market on his PDA. Today’s parents are strapped for time and need to have the right tools at their fingertips. Highly-specialized solutions for the modern family are delivered by Working Family Solutions, Beanstalk Express, SmartyPants, and Do Not Disturb.

Winter Market kicks-off Thursday, January 19 and runs through Wednesday, January 24

CHICAGO, IL (October 25, 2011) - Merchandise Mart Properties, Inc. (MMPI) and The Chicago Market announce their 2012 Market schedule offering retail buyers in the Midwest and beyond access to an extraordinary line- up of new and established resources. A world-class market with Midwest hospitality will welcome buyers, manufacturers, reps and designers four times this year with its expansive array of categories and collections.

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ABC Spring Educational Conference & Trade Show
All Baby & Child, Inc. (ABC Kids Expo)
ABC Kids Expo - Louisville, Kentucky (9/23/11 - 9/26/11)

The world’s largest juvenile products trade show held its 9th annual exposition at the Kentucky Exposition Center September 23-26, 2011. “Most exhibitors we have talked with had good shows,” said Larry Schur, president of All Baby & Child, Inc., adding that some felt that the show was the best ever in terms of order writing and quality of buyer attendance. Several brands impressed the The Giggle Guide® including Über Baby Lifestyles, Packit, numi numi design, Hatched Egg’rs, Kidzikoo, and Kaya Goods.

ABC Kids Expo - Louisville, Kentucky (9/23/11 - 9/26/11)

At the recent ABC Kids Expo, SwaddleDesigns CEO and designer Lynette Damir, RN introduced the new Angry Birds collection that has found happiness on swaddle blankets, one-piece rompers and more. Dads are flocking to get in on the Angry Birds craze!

Lynette also showcased bold and fashion-forward jewel tones in a variety of shades and patterns on a complete assortment of coordinated or mix-and-match baby essentials, including the Swaddle Duo which features two blankets for both warm and cold conditions. The Jewel Tone collection also features another fave bird trend — owls!

SwaddleDesigns also introduced a sweet and soothing collection of licensed products inspired by Disney’s Small World.

ABC Kids Expo - Louisville, Kentucky (9/23/11 - 9/26/11)

San Antonio, TX - All Baby & Child, Inc., the parent company and organizer of ABC Kids Expo®, has released a post-show statement regarding their ninth annual trade show, held for the first time at the Kentucky Exposition Center in Louisville, KY, on September 23 - 26, 2011.

Preliminary stats showed an overall decrease of about 2,200 after last year’s record-breaking attendance and a venue change for this year’s show. Retail buyers, mostly from the West Coast, were down by about 400. Final numbers are expected in the next few weeks.