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Organic baby essentials picked & packed with love

At Satsuma Designs we love babies! And we believe that holiday gift giving is the perfect way to celebrate baby this season and throughout the year. That means creating cozy, all natural and beautiful gifts that are useful, durable and affordable.

This year’s Earth Day, April 22, marked the anniversary of the birth of the modern environmental movement in 1970. Help your customers and the environment by offering goods that are planet-friendly and help lead to a sustainable future. You, your shoppers and the people they shop for are all in this movement together. Here are a few brand suggestions that can help you go “green” in more ways than one: Lifefactory, Itzy Ritzy, Dandelion, and Kids Konserve.

n celebration of this year’s Earth Day, let’s make a pledge to add a little more ‘green’ to our lives. Did you know that the average lunch uses four small plastic bags each day? Packing lunch with four plastic bags five days a week for one year wastes almost 1000 bags per person! Take a small step by replacing wasteful (and costly!) plastic baggies with Snack Happened™ Reusable Snack Bags. From school lunches, to picnics, to summer road trips, your customers will find 101 uses for these amazing bags that make it easy to be eco-conscious.

Speaking of Being Eco-Chic, Here’s Another Tip:

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Every year, companies that specialize in children’s products roll out new, trendy items just in time for September. With all the options being marketed to kids, parents have to choose which make sense and will benefit their child the most as they begin a new grade. Back to school gear should be both stylish and practical. It should help give children confidence and offer easier, better ways of doing what kids do each day. This means moms and dads should be shopping for durable clothes, tough backpacks, and convenient portable storage options. Here are some brands that score high marks from The Giggle Guide®: Junebug, Lily & Momo, Madpax and Innobaby.

Today’s economy makes it challenging for businesses to survive. Of the companies that are able to survive, many are faced with tough choices to keep their businesses in the black. It is a sign of true success for companies or retailers to expand and grow. A promising example of a company that has been able to do just that is KooKoo Bear Baby & Kids in Atlanta. Recently voted one of the top 10 kid’s retailers in the U.S. by Kids Today magazine, KooKoo Bear Baby & Kids is an online e-tailer, mail order catalog, and retail store marketer of designer kids’ rooms and exceptional baby gifts.

Quick: picture a daydreamer hard at work. Can’t do it? Daydreamers aren’t usually associated with go-getters. Typically thought of as laid-back and passive, daydreamers are actually anything but lazy. Research scientists Kalina Christoff of UBC and Jonathan Schooler of UCSB monitored subjects with wandering attention, and have drawn the same conclusion that other studies have shown: daydreaming is not for slackers. The real question has nothing to do with whether daydreaming is beneficial, but rather how this brain power can be tapped and turned into the concrete. The answer? Daydream Toys.

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You don’t have to bowl or even leave the resort to have fun at our industry networking reception. Meet new people and catch up with old friends while sipping on your favorite beer (and other drinks) along with hors d’oeuvres.

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You may have seen the movie “Patch Adams.” It’s about a real-life doctor who has an unusual approach to healing: he uses laughter as a therapy. While laughter may not be able to heal all wounds, it certainly can be the best medicine. Laughter has an enormous and proven impact on the human body and quality of life. Young and old alike can take advantage of the powerful medicine that comes from a good belly laugh by checking out the gentle humor provided by Me Giant products.

For decades, mompreneurs have been a creative force behind product innovations in the children’s market. Not content to make do with what the retail world offers, moms often come up with ideas to solve common childcare problems. The Giggle Guide® editors heard about a mompreneur that we’re pretty sure has no equal, and yet is relatable to the “everymom.” Robyn Pellei is the mother of 10 children, ages newborn to 12, the most recent born last December. This former nurse is now a home school educator and teaches all of her children at home. And in her spare time, she is the CEO of ViveVita.

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EIO Kids Cup is a uniquely designed training cup for ages 18 months to 5 years.

Graduating from bottle to cup has never been easier or healthier for a child than with the EIO Kids Cup. This one-of-a-kind glass trainer teaches toddlers how to sip from a cup, a speech development milestone for toddlers.

The EIO Kids Cup uses a BPA free, valve-free, screw-top cap, an 8oz. canning jar and an easy-to-grip silicone sleeve that transforms a glass canning jar into a spill-resistant, modern training cup. Cap and jar are made in U.S.A, sleeve is made in China

Sugar and spice and everything nice, that’s what little babies are made of. No one understands this better than the folks behind the Teresa Alecrim brand who started the business back in 1981, in Lisbon, Portugal. Portuguese textile design has long been heralded at the top of the class. Delicate stitchery shows off exquisite designs including kids enjoying a jump rope session, a train, ducks, a friendly bear, a rocking bassinet, a little duck and a galaxy of stars to watch over baby. One design in pink and green proclaims “Bebe”, Spanish for — you guessed it — baby.

Parents are seeking and demanding a greater selection of natural, organic products for their children. The essence of the organic and natural movement is purity. Babies and toddlers are extremely susceptible to toxins in their environment, much more so than adults. Statistics from 2010 alone show that consumers opened their wallets to the sum of $28.6 billion for organics –– and the trend is only getting stronger. Original Baby Company is dedicated to providing original, high-quality children’s products that help meet the demand for a variety of useful organic innovations.