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A safe, easy, toxin-free way to serve and store our daughter’s edibles. This was the simple idea that spawned an ambitious undertaking. As parents, we were frustrated by the abundance of plastic and other toxic food systems. Out of this frustration, the quest for a safe alternative began. And, Kinderville™ was born.

If you can run a marathon you understand owning a business.

A few years ago I was responsible for a team of sales people to help them grow
their businesses and I went to a training to better my ability with developing
a strong sales force. There the leader of the class said, “If you can run a
marathon you understand what it is like to be in sales.” Well prior to that
position I had never done sales nor had I run a marathon so I took her advice
literally and now 5 years later I recently completed my 5th marathon.

Itzy Ritzy®, known for bringing parents products that are modern, functional, and make parenting in style easier, introduces two new products, perfect gifts for the upcoming baby shower season:

Ritzy Wrap™ Infant Carrier Arm Pad:

  • Alleviates the inner arm pain of carrying a heavy infant car seat and adds style
  • Provides visual stimulation for baby
  • Includes 2 toy loops
  • Perfect shower gift
  • Available in 6 top-selling prints
  • MSRP $16.99

Snack Happened Mini™ Reusable Mini Snack Bag:

  • The award-winning Snack Happened™ Snack Bag now in a mini size!

Make Gifts a Renewed Profit Center

—Are you thinking of starting a children’s apparel design or retail business?
—Or are you looking for a way to reposition, revamp or relaunch an existing business?

Contact: Caletha Crawford / (917) 355-2970

We are proud to welcome the first ever bib for a bottle!

Le bibble® is a beautifully designed baby bottle bib that sops up leaks from both bottle and baby — in eco-style. Available in 7 designer prints, each with an organic cotton underlay for wiping dribble, Le bibble® takes bottle feeding to a new level making being neat chic.

USA Handmade. Eco-friendly. Mom invented. Meets CPSIA.

Baby Bella Maya
Little Things Mean A Lot
Phillips Nizer LLP

Babies are messy! New mom Johanna Romaniuk realized just how messy, when her 5-month-old daughter was determined to feed herself; afterwards, the floor was a spillabration! Out of necessity, Johanna made a high chair food catcher that was lightweight, compact and durable. She made it easy to attach, detach, clean and store on the high chair. The high chair food catcher was the beginning of Wupzey, a company dedicated to making products that make life with baby less messy. Wupzey now has a full line of products including car seat covers, high chair covers, bibs, coveralls, floor mats, shopping cart covers and diner covers.

Paula Roeske considered herself a very organized person when she had her first child. She went so far as stack all of his baby food jars by type in her pantry. She did not realize how easily these jars could topple and fall until her 6-month-old son began standing and holding on to her leg. She soon learned the dangers, when one of the glass jars fell and landed on his toe, breaking it. She was so upset, that when she got home with him from the hospital, she searched for baby food organizers and found nothing available. The need for a safe baby food organizer led to the creation of PRK Products, Inc. and the Universal Baby Food Jar Storage & Organizer.

Making travels easier for your customers will deliver successful sales for you. The beauty of these products is they’re as useful in a holiday snowstorm as they are on the beach in the summer or a family picnic in the fall. Chances are these family-friendly travel items will fly off the shelf before the first bird tweet of spring, but if not, you’ll find them just as popular as people prepare for summer vacation. Here are some suggestions to get you going: BubbleBum, Toasty Bottle, Car Seat Cinema and PortaChair.

JP Lizzy
The Checklist, although not exhaustive, provides a list of issues to consider before signing a licensing agreement

The New York-headquartered law firm, Phillips Nizer LLP, has produced a checklist targeted to the fashion and childrenswear/products industries of important points to consider when granting or getting a license. The checklist, created by partner Jeremy D. Richardson, member of the firm’s Fashion and Childrenswear, Licensing and Intellectual Property practices, provides starting points for anyone considering licensing a trademark, a family of trademarks, artwork, a product, or a combination of these.

Sections in the Checklist include:

Contact: Jeremy D. Richardson / (212) 841-0541
Media Inquiry: Stacy S. Salmon / (212) 977-9700

Don’t let the holiday rush overwhelm you and your customers. Take advantage of Itzy Ritzy’s December specials and save on the gear on everyone’s wish list! To help you and your sales team prepare, we’ve put together our 2011 Top Picks. Your customers will thank you for the quick, creative and stress-free shopping experience your store provided!
(We’re especially loving the Elf in the Snack Bag as both a merchandising idea and selling point!)

December Specials*:
Orders $300+ receive FREE shipping for contiguous US only

Contact: Brittany Sodora / (630) 839-9830

Most companies would be hard-put to identify the current economic season as a boom-time. However, there have been some bright spots in the current economy, largely thanks to small and medium sized businesses. It’s all about who you know and how you get your message out there, which is a long-standing reason that so many independent manufacturers foster relationships with experienced sales representative associations.Three sales rep firms that are thriving, Carolina Baby, The Coffs, and Annette & Associates, demonstrate how they help other companies flourish.