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All Baby & Child Spring Educational Conference - Las Vegas, Nevada (4/25/12 - 4/27/12)

The Giggle Guide® attended the 4th Annual ABC Spring Conference and Trade Show in Las Vegas, and we’re pleased to report that we heard no complaints about the event that provided an all-in-one combination of business education, trade show, networking and plenty of good food, fun and industry fellowship. Packed with informational seminars and plenty of opportunities to network, the streamlined trade show portion included 187 booths. This year’s event showcased a variety of new and returning baby and juvenile brands. A few head-turners included Notch, Ergobaby, guavakids and SnoozeShade.

Travel, both international and domestic, consumes a significant portion of every journey. The trip seems even longer if you are bringing children. Let’s face it: getting on the plane may be exciting (what kid doesn’t like taking off their shoes in public?) and the first ten minutes of every car trip is great, but it’s what happens in between that can make or break even the strongest wills. “Are we there yet?” is an acceptable refrain if the trip is ten minutes to Grandma’s, but not thrilling when the destination is Seoul, some ten hours away. The TrayKit from Content and Calm can help keep kids busy.

One of many things that can boggle the minds of new parents is the amount of stuff that one little baby can bring into their lives. It gets to the point that getting out of the house with baby can have parents feeling like they are packing for a weekend away. Cool Wazoo by Cheerful Child is a multifunctional product that can help to lighten that load. Initially designed to protect children from the blistering temperatures of playground bucket swing seats, Cool Wazoo can also be utilized as a car seat cover, shopping cart cover, restaurant high chair cover, and changing pad.

All Baby & Child, Inc. (ABC Kids Expo)
Bumkins Finer Baby Products

Perry Mackin is a line of chic and functional diaper bags. These mom-designed bags aren’t just high on style, they are built to last with the functionality to make mom’s childcare tasks a little easier. There are five different styles in the line: Zoey, Harper, Alexis, Billy, and Amy. The Perry Mackin line comes fully equipped with features and accessories, including a bottle warmer pocket, a diaper changing pad and pouch. Each bag is fully lined and easily cleaned. The interior of each bag was designed to have large, sectioned pockets surrounding every side, and multiple interior zippered pockets.

Diaper industry giant Huggies has announced the winners of the 2011 Huggies MomInspired Grant program. The program provides $15,000 in seed money and business resources to inventors of original products that make caring for a baby easier and more enjoyable. Moms have long been a source for ingenuity and creativity in the baby industry, and the Huggies Grant program is acknowledging and fostering this great resource. We applaud Huggies for their support of the entrepreneurial spirit! Let’s take a look at some of the 2011 winners: Bobee, Magnificent Baby, Kristi G, and Psi Bands.

n celebration of this year’s Earth Day, let’s make a pledge to add a little more ‘green’ to our lives. Did you know that the average lunch uses four small plastic bags each day? Packing lunch with four plastic bags five days a week for one year wastes almost 1000 bags per person! Take a small step by replacing wasteful (and costly!) plastic baggies with Snack Happened™ Reusable Snack Bags. From school lunches, to picnics, to summer road trips, your customers will find 101 uses for these amazing bags that make it easy to be eco-conscious.

Speaking of Being Eco-Chic, Here’s Another Tip:

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Nomie baby
Dapper Snappers
Wee Ones, LLC

Every year, companies that specialize in children’s products roll out new, trendy items just in time for September. With all the options being marketed to kids, parents have to choose which make sense and will benefit their child the most as they begin a new grade. Back to school gear should be both stylish and practical. It should help give children confidence and offer easier, better ways of doing what kids do each day. This means moms and dads should be shopping for durable clothes, tough backpacks, and convenient portable storage options. Here are some brands that score high marks from The Giggle Guide®: Junebug, Lily & Momo, Madpax and Innobaby.

Expired: March 27th, 2012 - April 6th, 2012

Why Polyester-­Mesh Material?
…because warm air escapes, preventing overheating.
…because it promotes easy breathing airflow.
…because it wicks away moisture.
…because it’s machine washable.

Why Cool-­Mee Seat Liner?
…because our three line were specifically designed to fit most car seats, strollers, and bucket seats.
…because it keeps your baby cool and comfortable when “on-­the-­go.”
…because it is simple to use and easy to clean.

Cool—Mee Benefits?
Assists in reducing sweat and perspiration by regulating normal body temperatures.

Today’s economy makes it challenging for businesses to survive. Of the companies that are able to survive, many are faced with tough choices to keep their businesses in the black. It is a sign of true success for companies or retailers to expand and grow. A promising example of a company that has been able to do just that is KooKoo Bear Baby & Kids in Atlanta. Recently voted one of the top 10 kid’s retailers in the U.S. by Kids Today magazine, KooKoo Bear Baby & Kids is an online e-tailer, mail order catalog, and retail store marketer of designer kids’ rooms and exceptional baby gifts.

Phillips Nizer LLP
RuffleButts / RuggedButts

Chances are if you’ve seen a Dora the Explorer backpack or Shrek lunchbox floating around, it’s brought to you by the folks at Calego International. With each episode or movie, kids are clamoring for more merchandise plastered with their favorite character from the hottest cartoon or TV show. Calego carries in-demand licenses including Glee, Hot Wheels, Sesame Street, Caillou and Hello Kitty. Heard of a certain buxom doll named Barbie? Yeah, they have that too! Known mostly for the in-demand backpacks that make a splash in schools everywhere, their clever corporate motto is: “We’ve got it in the bag.”

Welcome the Class of Fall 2012!

Spring is in the air… but autumn is on the minds of children’s retailers as they review and study the brands that will make the grade and be at the top of their lists of final buys for the back-to-school season.

Partnership to Celebrate Child Safety Day on February 11

New York, NY- February 10, 2012 – In recognition of Child Safety Day, Kids In Distressed Situations (K.I.D.S.), the internationally renowned children’s charity, today announced a partnership with Graco Children’s Products and Caring For Others (CFO) to provide critical children’s essentials to families in need. The partnership will host an event on February 11 to bring new strollers, booster seats and car safety education to 500 needy families throughout the state of Georgia.

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