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ABC Kids Expo - Las Vegas, Nevada (10/10/10 - 10/13/10)

All Baby & Child, Inc. (ABC), the parent company and organizer of the ABC Kids Expo, is proud to announce that 2010 will mark the largest attendance of toy manufacturers since its inaugural year in 2003. Presently there are over 100 companies that are declaring the “primary product line to be Toy and AV. More than half of these companies are First Time exhibitors and many represent product launches. Many of the exhibitors are from the United States, but companies from Belgium to New Zealand to Hong Kong will be in attendance.

A feast for the eyes, the captivating Bequita line of children’s apparel is an artful collection inspired by both Eastern and Western cultures. Rebecca Bardes, a.k.a. Bequita, is the creative force behind the brand’s clean lines and beautiful fabrics. A graduate of the School of Visual Arts in NYC, Rebecca traveled to China in 2004, where she met her husband, contemporary artist Hu Renyi. Rebecca says of her collections, “I consider Bequita to be Traditional Culture Redefined. Each collection is made to honor and redefine the traditional by creating modern fashions for children of the East and the West.”

Meet Dr. Karp, HALO Booth 7411, at ABC Show - 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. October 12

Dr. Harvey Karp will be attending the ABC Kids Expo on October 12 only, between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m. He will be making special presentations on his unique sleep techniques for babies at 10 a.m. and 1 p.m..

HALO® Innovations
RuffleButts / RuggedButts
Little Things Mean A Lot

Wry Baby has added to their popular Super Snapsuit™ line by introducing the new, villainous “Super Bad” Super Snapsuit! A soft, 100% cotton Snapsuit body with a silky cape sewn into the shoulder seams. “Super Bad” is made especially for babies set on world domination who prefer to do it with style. Order 12 and Wry Baby’ll give you a FREE handsome display rack that’ll be sure to add some POW! to your baby section. Sized 0-6 month and 6-12 months. Case pak of 3 (per design/size) $42 ($14 ea. MSRP $30).

Contact: Dave & Kelly Sopp / (704) 660-6955

Square pegs into round holes. Slippery threads through a tiny needle’s eye. Cold fingers into tight winter gloves. And… a big baby’s head into almost every neck opening on the market! Some size-to-space dilemmas will always be a challenge to solve; that’s just part of life’s little frustrations. However, dressing a wiggly baby or toddler is a mighty enough challenge without having to force a nudge-resistant noggin into a too small neck opening! The mom-inventors behind Big Head Baby have solved this age-old tight-fit frenzy by re-thinking the basic style of baby and toddler one-piece apparel.

More than ever, conscientious parents are seeking out and purchasing organic clothing that looks and feels great on their children, and is also environmentally-friendly in its processing and packaging. These parents want more than a pretty picture; they want the reality of their present actions to affect their hopes for the future of their children and the earth. Little Lief works in this frame of mind, beautifully creating a natural line of children’s clothing that fully realizes the concerns of eco-minded parents.

Michael Scott Studio

BBs Tees can help you celebrate your miracle and keep your older sibling involved. Announce the news of your growing family with a big brother or big sister shirt. Within our assortment you will find a t-shirt that reflects your child’s style. Select a fun and trendy Rocker tee for big sisters or an endearing and furry Bulldog tee for big brothers.

View our collection of personalized sibling gift plates and serve up each meal with lots of love. These plates can be used everyday or make a great decorative keepsake in your childs room.

Contact: Marty Harper / (214) 578-4410

If you’ve ever bought a t-shirt with an itchy tag or a seam that doesn’t lay flat, it’s easy to imagine what millions of children with Tactile Sensory Disorder experience. Children with the disorder often feel extremely uncomfortable wearing traditional clothing. Itchy fabric, seams, hems, tags and waistbands become especially irritating. The desire to make life more comfortable for these kids has created a niche in the children’s apparel industry. Teres Kids, Soft, Dye-namic Movement Products and Cricket Hosiery are some terrific brands that make outfitting children with Tactile Sensory Disorder their business.

BBs Tees is proud to announce that we have teamed up with Orca! They will be “pitching” us for the next few months. Be sure to be on the lookout for us in upcoming articles and on the web!

Contact: Marty Harper / (214) 578-4410
Republic of Pigtails, LLC
Itzy Ritzy
Baby Banz Inc.

After more than forty years in business, Elegant Baby has become one of the most recognized specialty baby brands. Offering a diverse collection of quality products in a wide range of categories and price points, from apparel, soft goods and accessories to gifts and keepsakes, Elegant Baby has kept up with the changing times in beautiful style! Elegant Baby shows great versatility, but holds true to its brand image and corporate vision, with both loyal retailers and consumers. Here, we get an insider’s look at the birth and growth of the well-known and respected brand.

Lower Cost Venue Pays Off For Exhibitors

As you may know, ABC Kids will be moving to Louisville in 2011. The show dates are September 23-26. There will be significant cost savings for exhibiting manufacturers, especially in material handling at this non-union facility. Already one of the lowest cost trade shows in North America, according to the former Trade Show Week, the Board of Directors of All Baby & Child has decided to take all of the dollars that ABC will save on convention center space rental and give it back to 2011 exhibiting manufacturers in the form of an “early bird” discount.

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The Scoop From Eyes Cream Shades...

For Immediate Release, September 2010

Finally, quality sunwear for kids has arrived for those ages 6 months and above! UV rays penetrate all year round, so parents need to understand that by taking the steps now to prevent harmful exposure to damaging UVA&UVB rays, they are giving their children an advantage in the fight against macular degeneration, cataracts, photokeratitis, ptergium, and other degenerative eye diseases.

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