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What comes to mind when someone mentions a “Big Brother” or “Big Sister” t-shirt? How about a basic white t-shirt with bold lettering stating “I’m a Big Sister!” or “I’m a Big Brother!” These t-shirts grace gift shops across the nation leaving Moms, Aunts and Grandmothers everywhere with little selection.

It’s time to offer color and fun graphics kids want to wear and parents want to buy! You now have a choice…

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PixelModa from Italy is a timepiece for modern times. Inspired by the glamour of the Italian spirit and crafted to meet the demands of modern, contemporary culture, a PixelModa watch makes a bold statement of design and quality. This Euro-brand just might make tweens to adults favor fashionable, stylistic, affordable watches once again, instead of depending upon digital cellphones to know what time it is.

Parents of little ones are constantly on the lookout for clever products that turn daily rituals, like mealtimes, into child’s play. The Giggle Guide® has discovered some fantastic new feeding utensils that will have tots “opening wide” and parents dishing out for these innovations that make mealtimes with children easier, neater, and more fun. Check out these unique and colorful products from Constructive Eating, Baby Dipper, Boon Inc., and Elegant Baby that have everyone saying “ahh”!

Satsuma Designs
J. Austin Ryan Designs

We’re currently gearing up for our Spring 2011 line! What colors and prints would you like to see? More animal prints? Funky designs? Something simple and casual? Now’s your chance to tell us! come check us out!

For families with children, food storage containers need to satisfy many needs, from storing lunches and leftovers, to after-school snacks and treats both at home and on-the-go. Factor in parent’s concerns about the negative effects of certain plastics on the environment and their children, and you’ll see why the demand for safe, smart food storage is on the rise. Sustainable plastics and stainless steel alternatives that combine safety, fun and functionality are great solutions! The Giggle Guide® shows what’s hot (and cool) in food storage from Skip Hop, BornFree, LunchBots and Packin’ SMART.

Soft, Simple, Sweet and Soulful..

Combining the comfort with simplistic designs in 100% Cotton, robinwrendesigns launches her new fall line. With the the sophistication of hand embroideries, robinwrendesigns sure to please both mom and baby. This line offers eye-catching details and clever mixes of patterns. Combine this with high quality fabrics and reasonable prices, and you have a perfect fit for fall!

This collection is made in the USA. Don’t miss this great line.

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Michael Scott Studio
JP Lizzy
Woombie (KB Designs, LLC)
Calling New and Returning Exhibitors

Following a successful launch this past winter, 7 W New York® Baby and Kids Fair is back and ready to heat up NYC this summer. The 3-day show will once again run concurrently with the 7 W New York Gift and Home Textiles Market Week (August 13 – 19, 2010). Building on the momentum of the inaugural edition, 7 W is reaching out to both returning and new exhibitors to show off their latest and best product introductions in the following categories: textile, bedding, flooring, accessories, furniture, gifts, and home décor.

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Dr. Seuss knew what he was talking about when he wrote Green Eggs and Ham! The daily battle between parents and children over vegetable consumption is a familiar one with a long history. Nutrition experts say that it is important for kids to eat a full spectrum of at least 5 servings of fruits and veggies per day, but it can be tricky and tiring to get kids to open wide for those peas and brussel sprouts. Kidz SuperFood by Amazing Grass provides a simple and delicious way to get even the pickiest eaters to enjoy fruits and veggies.

One of The Chicago Market team’s many goals is to ensure that there are as many buyers as possible shopping the aisles in July. We use direct mail, e-mail, social media and more to inform buyers of any and all resources that will be available to them in July. We promote the market as a whole — but we offer numerous ways you can promote yourself at The Chicago Market exclusively!

Here are just a few easy ways to promote yourself at The Chicago Market:

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See Kai Run
ABC Spring Educational Conference & Trade Show
Phillips Nizer LLP

Reading children bedtime stories is a tradition that instills a love of reading and creates a memorable, relaxing, bonding routine between children and parents. In recognition and celebration of reading and bedtime, Books to Bed sells gift sets of entertaining bedtime storybooks with matching pajama sets. Kids adore wearing the super cozy jammies that are printed with the actual story characters from their favorite bedtime tales.

The Treehouse Showroom is now carrying a fun vintage line with boys in mind. These classic shirts include designs like “Newport Sailing,” “Water Ski,” “JB’s Beachside Pizza,” and “JB’s Custom Van Show.” This popular vintage collection of tees is sought after by major department stores and specialty boutiques. Come make your appointment today to see this unique line at The Treehouse Showroom 213-688-8377.

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During baby’s initial year, almost every “first” is a moment to be treasured. That’s why keepsake boxes make such ideal baby gifts, and b amici has made these boxes a welcomed specialty. Innovative packaging and quality workmanship are hallmarks of b amici, whose keepsake boxes are packed with extra gifts and special occasion apparel that features fantastic prints from Liberty of London and Michael Miller and artwork from stationery designer Stacy Claire Boyd.