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In honor of yesterday’s Father’s Day, we are continuing the celebration of dads with a very special edition of the Spider Insider. Meet Itzy Ritzy CEO Brian Douglas, dad to three beautiful children, in our Parent Profile. Brian may enjoy his role running Itzy Ritzy, but he says “being a dad is the absolute best”!

Name: Brian Alexander Douglas

Names of kids/ages/genders/and what they’re into these days:
I have three wonderful children, two daughters and one son.

Contact: Brittany Sodora / (630) 839-9830

When it comes to creative and imaginative toys, Hape is producing miles of smiles! There is nothing Hape loves better than to watch children laughing, sharing, and enjoying the toys they have created. Products range from educational puzzles and mazes to a complete line of eco-friendly doll houses and furnishings. All Hape toys are created with a child’s development in mind. Each toy is constructed of eco-friendly, high quality materials so that children can be children and play with their toys for years to come, and then hand them down to younger children to enjoy.

Shipping Mid-June 2011

Knickerbocker Glory is proud to announce that Nordstrom will become a featured stockist for our premium line of children’s undergarments. Knickerbocker Glory Underouts will be available at 70 Nordstrom locations nationwide.

Contact: Knickerbocker Glory / (888) 400-2431
No Slippy Hair Clippy, Inc.
Republic of Pigtails, LLC

Knickerbocker Glory is a premium brand of children’s undergarments designed to be fabulously soft, comfy, fashionable, fun and ok (if not purely intended) to be seen by the outside world.

For Back to School 2011 Knickerbocker Glory is launching two new colours perfect for both private and public schools with less contrast stitching to assure that they are “school uniform approved”

• Oxbridge Blue1 – a navy (pantone 19-3810 TPX)
• Ivy League Green2 – a dark green (pantone 19-5513 TPX)

Contact: Knickerbocker Glory / (888) 400-2431
July 30 to August 1, 2011

Playtime NY is an international trade show dedicated to the universes of children, junior and maternity.

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New Address

It’s Moving Day at the Itzy Ritzy Headquarters!

The office and warehouse at Itzy Ritzy headquarters are doubling in size! We’re all packed up and in the process of moving into our sleek new place.

As always, we thank you, our accounts, sales reps, distributors, and media partners for all of your support for Itzy Ritzy.

Contact: Brittany Sodora / (630) 839-9830
HALO® Innovations

Finger-pointing is okay in a child’s world when Hopscotch Kids™ non-toxic fingernail polish lets them crow, “Nailed it!” and point with satisfaction at perfectly colored and manicured nails on ten or twenty digits. Hopscotch Kids has solved the decades-old conflict between a little girl’s penchant for painted nails and her parents’ concern over toxic solvent-based nail polish. They’ve covered fingers and toes without offending the nose! The sister product, polish remover, is also safe and natural; made of water, tall oil fatty acids and alcohols (plant based), non-ionic surfactants, and organic buffers.

Asheville, NC (May, 2011) – For kids’ meals on the go, there’s a new environmental solution— Sprout Ware™ petroleum-free, reusable/disposable feeding products from green sprouts®. Sprout Ware™ cutlery, sippy cups, bowls and snack containers are made from environmentally friendly vegetable starch and are dishwasher safe for up to 10 or more washings; hand washing will retain the color of the products even further.

Children’s Eating Tools Made From Bio-based Plastic

Itzy Ritzy Wins 6 Awards

Thank you so much for voting for Itzy Ritzy in the Baby and Children’s Product News 2011. Reader’s Favorites Awards! We were stopped in our stilettos to see the awards come rolling in. Itzy Ritzy out-wins all other brands with a total of 6 awards! Wow! Thank you retail partners, for making us feel so special!

Itzy Ritzy Wins 6 Awards

Thank you so much for voting for Itzy Ritzy in the
Baby and Children’s Product News 2011

Contact: Brittany Sodora / (630) 839-9830
pediped footwear

Satsuma, founded in 2007 by Jennifer Porter, is an eco-conscious baby apparel, soft goods and accessories that offers parents natural, healthy alternatives in everyday baby wear and bedding. The word “Satsuma” refers to a tangerine-like fruit available in Asia. The name fits the company well. It’s fresh, exotic, natural and just plain sweet! Jennifer was motivated to create the Satsuma brand because she realized that more and more parents wanted to outfit their babies in stylish, trendy gear, but also wanted to know exactly where those products came from and what went into the manufacturing process.

There’s More to “Holiday” Than Just December!

Traditionally in the children’s market, “Holiday” denotes an avalanche of must-have toys, as well as fancy dresses and festive sweaters emphasizing velvet shades of red and green for family portraits. In years past, buyers were expected to wrap up their holiday orders for fourth-quarter delivery by July. Now, with more stores placing orders closer to season, and retailers looking for every opportunity to entice customers to buy, Holiday has become a multi-month sales opportunity.

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