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Poppy Drops®, quickly being recognized as the premium pierce-free earring company for girls, is thrilled to introduce new products for 2013. Created as a solution for Moms not ready to commit to piercing, each of our tattoo earrings is meticulously designed and made with all natural vegetable dyes, making them safe for any age.

It is always inspiring to see the birth of new companies, but especially when our economy is struggling. In a time when it seems we are seeing more companies closing their doors, the birth of a new enterprise brings with it the anticipation of better things to come. Like a crocus that pushes up and blossoms through the cold snow after a harsh winter, Be{tween} Collection, The Tangerine Tree, coveRumps and Foamnasium are new companies that did indeed bloom, despite challenging times. It is the tenacity and spirit of these companies, three of which were started by women entrepreneurs, that lets us see something special… the promise of tomorrow.

No one, including your customers, thrills to the sight of little kids dropping snacks all over the floor and mashing them into the carpeting. Those same shoppers also enjoy a tidy car — very tricky when youngsters are on board with their endless eating. A dedicated inventor, grandfather and science enthusiast felt exactly the same, which is why he created Munchie Mug, a spill-proof snack cup ideal for little ones ten months and older.

Itzy Ritzy®, known for bringing parents modern, functional, and stylish products, has the perfect gifts for the upcoming baby shower season.

Wrap & Roll Infant Carrier Arm Pad & Tummy Mat:

  • Multi-purpose pad wraps around an infant carrier handle and cushions arm
  • Unfolds to become a tummy time mat, allowing you to spread out and play on-the-go
  • Comfort padding
  • 100% cotton reversing to luxurious minky
  • Machine washable
  • MSRP $29.99

Snack Happens™ & Snack Happens Mini™ Reusable Snack & Everything Bags:

Wood has long been used as a material for children’s toys. In days gone by, wooden blocks, dolls, and building sets were common sights in playrooms and playgrounds across the world, before being replaced by the more familiar plastic toys we see so much of today. Luckily for us and the environment, wooden toys are gaining popularity again these days, thanks to their aesthetic appeal and durability. Many of these toys also encourage creativity. Kinderbuilt is a family-owned company that specializes in high-quality wooden toys.

Been looking for something New? Different? Inspired?

Dapper Snappers are a toddler belt unlike any other. Simply slip the ends through the back belt loops on any pair of pants and snap to the correct size! The Dapper Snapper makes any pair of pants with belt loops into adjustable waist pants. Extend your child’s wardrobe and save with a Dapper Snapper! It’s perfect for potty training toddlers; no bunched up fabric near the button or snap and zipper so it’s easier for little fingers to take care of business.

Dapper Snappers are:

  • Affordable
Bibi & Mimi
Wiggy Studio / Angel Toes
Caletha Crawford

If you happen to be in Paris this week or know if a fab boutique, send them on over to Maison Objet, Paris Norde Villepinte, and check us out with Willy & Eloise! We have lots of new products and displays for 2013 and you won’t want this opportunity to see them up close and personal.

Looking for an alternative to pierced ears? Look no further. Poppy Drops are all-natural, pierce-free earrings, made with 100% food-grade vegetable dyes. Our tattoo earrings are designed by top-notch artists with detail in mind and will be sure to become a customer favorite.

Contact: Casey Brownsberger / (877) 451-7744

SwaddleDesigns recently introduced their most anticipated collection! Everyone is falling in love with SwaddleDesigns new Pastel Collection featuring Lynette Damir’s newest design, Elephant & Chickies. So cute, so sweet, and such soft irresistible colors.

SwaddleDesigns shines once again with the spotlight on three new collections – the Pastel Collection, Calm and Bright Collection and the Sterling & Yellow Collection. Lynette has created three wonderful color stories that are delightful. The collections include forever favorites combined with brand new designs.

Yes, we’re movin’ on up at our new showrooms in Atlanta and Dallas and at the New York International Gift Fair in New York from 1/27-2/1.

Find Bows Arts now with Young Colors in Atlanta and Dallas and get a January Gift in Atlanta. We’re located just off the elevator on the 13th floor. Come straight on into Showroom #13S-336A to one-stop shop for Bows Arts, Let Her Shine Jewelry and all Young Colors lines.

Contact: Deborah DaSilva / (847) 501-3161
Dapper Snappers
Woombie (KB Designs, LLC)
Emily Press Labels

If you like to support companies that give back, well we DO! One of our top priorities when starting was to become established enough to pass along some of our good fortune. Due to the overwhelming support of our customers, reps & friends, we’ve finally gotten there.

No Slippy Hair Clippy®, regarded as the premium hair accessories company for babies to girls, is proud to introduce their new 2013 collection. Founded on the no-slip concept, each hair clip is meticulously wrapped in Swiss velvet, so they stay snug and won’t slip out, but are super soft and comfy to wear.

Resolution | TipsValentine Bags are Here! | Snack Bag Special

It’s 2013 - time to recharge, refresh, and restock!

Make it easy for customers to stick to those resolutions by loading up on Itzy Ritzy’s healthy lifestyle companions.
Inspire new uses for customer-favorite Snack & Wet Bags with these tips:

Healthy Eating
- Portion Control: Make portion control a simple choice with perfectly sized bags
- Curb Cravings: Instead of hitting the vending machine, pack almonds in a Mini Snack Bag for that 3pm craving
- Cut Back: Cut calories and cost by packing lunches in Snack Bags vs. plastic baggies

Healthy Living

Contact: Brittany Sodora / (630) 839-9830