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Rock on mothers-to-be! These women work, socialize and lead active lives so they want — and need –– to look sharp all the time. Now that pregnancy fashion is no longer an oxymoron and bellies are proudly displayed, moms-in-waiting embrace body skimming dresses and fabulous tops, leggings and skirts, just like their unpregnant selves. Many manufacturers go for the gold, offering maternity styles that are on trend and comfortable to wear; so be sure clothes that are hits for misses are among your offerings. Here’s a trio of brand suggestions: Isabella Oliver, Bellyssima and Baby On Board Apparel.

ABC Kids Expo - Louisville, Kentucky (9/23/11 - 9/26/11)

The world’s largest juvenile products trade show held its 9th annual exposition at the Kentucky Exposition Center September 23-26, 2011. “Most exhibitors we have talked with had good shows,” said Larry Schur, president of All Baby & Child, Inc., adding that some felt that the show was the best ever in terms of order writing and quality of buyer attendance. Several brands impressed the The Giggle Guide® including Über Baby Lifestyles, Packit, numi numi design, Hatched Egg’rs, Kidzikoo, and Kaya Goods.

Playtime New York - New York, New York (7/30/11 - 8/1/11)

Playtime New York, the international trade show dedicated to all things relating to children, junior and maternity, held a very successful third show from July 30 to August 1, 2011. Buyers and other visitors were very positive and gave big thumbs up to the creative, imaginative space and merchandise. Attendees included many vendors from previous shows as well as some outstanding new collections. Among the standouts were Wovenplay,Tala Bee Kids, and Mini & Maximus.

Bumkins Finer Baby Products
Michael Scott Studio
Little Things Mean A Lot

Well… case you’re wondering how my mompreneurhood all began, here ya go.

It’s been said that necessity is the mother of invention, and that is certainly true for some of today’s creative children’s apparel. Children’s fashion has never under estimated the creativity of moms. The Giggle Guide® takes a closer look at mom designers that “toe the line” during a time when more brands and styles of socks are available than ever before. One pair of socks per day for children is simply not enough. Hosiery by Hank & JoJo, Celeste Stein Designs, SmartKnitKIDS, and BabyLegs are made to increase foot traffic!

Teeny Tiny Optics is a nineteen year old children’s sunglass company based in California. Started with the belief that protecting our children’s eyes from the sun is as important as protecting their skin, it has grown into the best place to buy cute, durable, fashion forward sunglasses for children. From infants to teens, all of the glasses offer 100% UV protection. Kids love them because they are comfortable and fun, moms love them because they are trendy, sophisticated and their kids will keep them on.

Dapper Snappers
Nomie baby
RuffleButts / RuggedButts

While Kermit sang of the difficulties of being green, toymakers are creating new toys that make it easy and fun to be “green.” With the continuing trend toward greener living, Toobalink is a new toy company that encourages imagination with an eco-friendly, reusable twist in building kits. Recyclable toilet tissue and towel tubes get a new life when combined with the Toobalink connectors and couplers. Developed initially as part of a Classic Play toy class at Pratt Institute, Toobalink was inspired by children playing with often tossed-out household items. The brand re-imagines traditional building blocks and logs, with creativity and a focus on helping Mother Nature.

What are little boys made of? According to the 19th century nursery rhyme, “Snips and snails and puppy dog tails.” While the Victorians may have been satisfied with this description, the modern boy is a far cry from it — and his parents are ready and willing to dazzle the world with junior’s guy style. English Laundry, d mo baby, and Alpha Industries are on the well-dressed boys’ short list for the finest in targeted, youthful fashion, while Spitfire Girl is keeping it real with a new take on old-fashioned, favorite toys that capture boys’ imaginations.

Historically, boys have been easy to please when it comes to shopping. They tended not to fuss over clothing styles and many were happy with simple, action-themed toys. Today, many parents of sons voice a need for more variety in boys’ products. To some extent, they crave a return to the traditional ideal of carefree, outdoorsy boyhood. At the same time, they’re aware that a young man needs to develop his mind as well as his body. Kapital K, Outset Media, Lil’ Teammates, and Manhattan Toy are all doing their part to expand a boy’s world well beyond “snakes and snails and puppy dog tails.”

KIDShow - Specialty Trade Shows
HALO® Innovations

ABC Kids Expo® will include the Modern Child Pavilion again in 2011, featuring juvenile product manufacturers that focus on contemporary design and high functionality. This juried section of the show represents the most innovative designs within numerous product categories.

Emphasis is placed on originality, creativity, innovation and authenticity, as well as functionality in addressing and solving the needs of today’s parent and child.

Contact: All Baby & Child, Inc. (ABC Kids Expo) / (210) 691-4848

If you like contemporary design, you’ll love OFFI & Company. Launched in 1997, this manufacturer offers beautiful, practical kids’ furnishings with a modern vibe and plenty of pizzazz. OFFI products are the work of a group of independent designers, many of whom have won awards for their creations. Rock on in the OFFI rocker which combines style and practicality in a chair with a lift-up seat that provides a great space to store treasures. The rocker has a handy hole in the back so it’s easy for kids to move around and is crafted in beautiful birch wood.

The holiday season is a time for joy, togetherness, and lots of great photo ops. From mischievous moments to multi-generational family gatherings, parents have plenty of opportunities to capture lasting memories. Of course, the right clothing enhances those perfect moments, whether the look is traditional or trendy. To prepare for the family holiday season, parents look for outfits that are comfortable, cute, and stylish enough to make a lasting impression. So start your wholesale holiday shopping now, with a selection of festive fashions from Malley & Co., CUT by 2 Blondes, Happy Garden, and Blume Kids.