Feature Articles: Behind The Brand

Meet Kristy Awald-Stafford, owner and inventor of the ToyWrangler™ from LuvLoo™. Kristy shares her “Behind the Brand” journey from active mom of two young boys to entrepreneur and enterprising businesswoman. She is a great example of how recognizing a real need begins the process to invent, manufacture and market a product that becomes a company. In her case, she saw a need for something that would eliminate constantly picking up and searching for things tossed down by her young ones. ToyWrangler was the answer. It’s something everyone with small children can use!

If you’ve ever been in a clutch to easily and cleanly change a baby in a public restroom you know it can be a mess in more ways than one! Time to get your clutches on the LillyBit Uptown Diaper Clutch! Lyssa Surface takes us behind her brand to reveal how a self-proclaimed “start-up” company goes from “I-wish-I had” to “have to have it!” She discovered a need. Found a solution. Then went to work on making her business dream a practical reality. Here’s some inspiration for all the entrepreneurs working toward bringing “the next best thing” to the children’s market. Sometimes, it just takes a mom!

Happy 31st Anniversary to le top!

The people behind le top are highly respected, admired, and looked up to in the children’s industry as an example of so much that is great about the children’s business. Co-owner Chris Lun shares the birth, growing pains, challenges and triumphs of le top’s history. Chris always talks about the le top employees, and their retail customers, as “family.” Here’s a behind-the-brand look at this family’s success.

Behind The Brand” gets personal with Knuckleheads’ “head” designer Melissa Nash. The popular active boy’s brand is a little bit retro and a lot rad. Melisa shares the success story of her family business and previews what’s up for Knuckleheads for Spring ‘10.

Behind The Brand” visits with artist Marnie Vollenhals about her collection of limited-edition original paintings on recycled/reclaimed canvases. Her artistic vision is one of “simple design,” but her business savvy and creativity run deep. Discover the beauty of this artist, mom and entrepreneur who is the picture of art appreciation.

With the summer season unofficially begun, The Giggle Guide™ reveals the sales sizzle and behind-the-scenes story of KINeSYS performance sunscreen products. This notion for lotion is a journey of love, sweat and tears - with a bright future focused on safety, families, and environmental responsibility.

Behind The Brand” uncovers what makes Stephan Baby a successful name in the children’s marketplace. Co-owner Jan Campbell explains how a sister’s frozen boo-boo remedy provided the initial inspiration and how, 22 years later, Stephan Baby is adapting to handle increasing government regulation and a rapidly changing global economy. With over two decades of industry experience, we can all benefit from her insights.