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Great article!

Thanks for these well thought out things to consider about QC in China. We have been manufacturing in Suzhou for 20 years, as silk is from China and our products are made of silk it makes sense.
We do send “golden samples”, Pantone colors, patterns, etc. And request pre-production samples sent to us before approving each order. We keep careful specs on hand here, colors and measurements.
We have pretty good, consistent results with this method.
If we do get a bad batch of an item we sell it here in USA for half price and the supplier in China accepts partial payment, so not much is lost or wasted.

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The Problem Is...

A lot of smaller start ups just don’t have the budget to accommodate a PR agency. You have to shell out lots of money before you see results. That can even be weeks, months and maybe years. I’ve seen a lot of clients drop expensive PR agencies because of this. A lot expect instant results. That just rarely happens these days.

Jaclyn D. Rubly

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Thank you!

I can’t believe I just discovered this post! Thank you so much for the kind words. I’ve expanded the Bebe Bilingual collection if you want to check it out. Keep up the great work on Giggle!!

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looking for baby expo in the milw, Brokfield, New berlin.

I am pregnant with my first baby.

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…they’re made in the U.S. too!

Kerry Ettinger
eepples, inc.


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wonderful book

I’ve bought this book for my nieces and nephews. It is a fun read, nicely illustrated. Excellent message of setting and accomplishing goals without being preachy. Love the ocean theme and characters.

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These are great!!!! I may be contacting you soon….

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Carrie Shan

thanks for your comments and…

thanks for your comments and support of my designs.

Silkberry Baby

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Namely Newborns

Organic clothes are important

I think it is important for baby to have organic fabric next to his delicate skin. Your products are beautiful and you are helping the planet stay green.

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