Eepples MilkCharms Assure Fresh Feedings

In the first few months with a newborn, parents are generally in a constant state of blurry exhaustion. Yet, somehow through the fuzzy haze of sleeplessness, joy and fear, parents need to track what goes in and out of baby with some frequency. And few things are as fraught as monitoring milk consumption. In addition to how often and how much, top of addled mind for many new moms is the freshness of what they feed. As days and nights run together, it’s not always easy to recall exactly when that bottle in the fridge was created, and methods like markers and post-its just don’t cut it for accuracy. This becomes especially important for women pumping breast milk. It’s a constant battle for moms who want to use the milk they worked so hard to expend, but in a timeframe that protects their little one’s stomach.

That’s why there is a need forEepples MilkCharms! A bone-tired California couple –– one a lawyer, the other an engineer –– invented the company and its MilkCharm, a simple but beautiful tag for bottles. The patent-pending MilkCharm features a double-sided dial: one side shows the days of the week, the other time of day. No more tape and pen, no more sticky notes that smear and fall off, and no more grease pencils.

These flower-shaped charms come in three colors: blue, green and orange. The outside might look ornate, but they’re simple to use (crucial for parents fumbling during the pre-dawn feeding). Caregivers simply dial in the day and time, hang the MilkCharm on the bottle, place it in the fridge, and rest easy knowing everything has been recorded. MilkCharm isn’t just for breast milk storage — parents can also use it for storing formula and even regular milk as their baby grows.

MilkCharm works with virtually any bottle and is made of food-grade polypropylene and silicone. You’ll be charmed to know you can market MilkCharm to your most eco-friendly clientele because it is 100% recyclable and made with predominantly recycled material. Tell your muddled mums that they can feel free to stick the MilkCharm right in the top rack of the dishwasher with the bottles.

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…they’re made in the U.S. too!

Kerry Ettinger
eepples, inc.