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Just announced. @TheABCShow global juvenile products expo will be at @MandalayBay in 2024.
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How to pack lunches that you'll actually want to eat. Learn more at #yumbox #packedlunch…
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My Kids and I Have Loved These Exact Boxes for 5+ Years #yumbox #lunchbox #bento #kidslunch #durable
ABC Kids Expo hires Abbe Herman Scharaga to lead exhibits and registration for the annual trade show. Read More:…
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@3TomatoesShort We offer latch replacement kits. They take few seconds to pop a new one in. Easy and eco friendly!…
@thetiarawillis Favorites of mine: Diana Broussard Lele Sadoughi Gaviria Fay Andrada Valet Studio Rachel Comey Merc…
The holidays are over, but gift giving goes on all year long. Here are great ideas for mom!
Gift Ideas for New Moms
Treat your team to the gift of staying on-site! Guaranteed lowest rates for #abckids2023 attendees. No cancellation…
@wlsafterlife so important to use the right gear. Yumbox Original is perfect for small portion sizes. Learn more he…
Small drop of our brand new Yumbox collection in the next few days. Sign up for Yumbox Notifications at…
How to prep like a chef for the holidays #yumbox #miseenplace #foodprep #foodstorage #thanksgivingprep
The leakproof stainless steel Yumbox Presto is now restocked! Use discount code FALL20 for 20% off at… via @Etsy Carousel Designs Duvet Covers + Baby Bedding 40% off
Just posted a photo @ Carson City, Nevada
Have you heard? Yumbox Snack is now redesigned with a bigger dip well. Because we know it's all about dipping!…
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@Karnythia This is it. I have it and it’s NYC winter approved. They have several variations. Not cheap but worth it…
Just posted a photo @ Carson City, Nevada
Just posted a photo @ Carson City, Nevada
The Woombie peanut swaddle is an easy-to-use, self-soothing sleep swaddle designed by a nurse and mom of five. Inde…
50% off Carousel Designs on Etsy! via @Etsy

Baby Bella Maya’s new and innovative 5 in 1 Diaper Tote Bag is a stylishly functional way to store all of your baby’s essentials and so much more! With the use of an ingenious flap and hidden zipper, the carry-all bag miraculously transforms into a multi-purpose cover that keeps your little one comfortable, safe and clean in shopping carts, restaurant high chairs and hot park swings. Just when you think the bag can’t do anymore just zip it back up and make it a nursing cover for on the go!

♦ Includes a multi-purpose mesh bag to carry toys, moms belongings, blankets and more

I previously wrote an article for The Giggle Guide about trademarks becoming generic (…). Thanks to a January 17 ruling by Judge Laura T. Swain of the Southern District of New York, TIFFANY, as it pertains to a ring setting, may soon be added to that list. Last year Tiffany sued Costco over Costco’s use of the TIFFANY name in describing a ring setting offered by the warehouse outlet for Valentine’s Day.

If you follow me on Twitter, you’ve already seen this quote, “The customer doesn’t care.” I wish I could take credit for having uttered this phrase but alas it was actually Gary Wassner of the factoring firm Hilldun who made this proclamation at an event I attended recently. Out of all the insightful things he said, this was the one that really jumped out at me because it’s true: The customer really doesn’t care.

You have a website. A beautiful website that you are so proud of and that showcases your product amazingly (sort of like our stunning kids belts site). You sit around and wait and wait… and wait… and nothing. You spent all of this time and money to produce not only a great product but also the time and money to produce a rock solid, professional website, so where is everyone? It’s like you sent out invites to the party, but no one knows how to get there.

Luv Chicken™ is looking for experienced sales reps nationwide. Luv Chicken is a cool line of booster cushions for kids ages 18 months - 7 years, recently featured in Pregnancy & Newborn, Daily Candy, Cool Mom Picks and BabyCenter. Completely original and unique, these cushions are designed with colorful prints that are both fun and modern. Kids really love them! The cushions are constructed of kid-safe coated cotton which makes them easy to wipe clean. They have a grippy, non-slip bottom so they stay in place without clumsy buckles or ties.

Contact: Ann Hurley

I don’t know about you but the average low in Richmond, VA this winter was a mild 42! I am not complaining at all, but spring seems to be visiting us early this year based on my husband’s lawn mowing calendar. After having to cut the grass last week he announced we are a few weeks ahead of last year!

Moms love Silkberry Baby bamboo onesie with applique. Thanks for all the support from boutique stores and moms. We are excited to announce our new designs for Spring/Summer 2012. Keeping the premium quality we committed to, we have added bamboo tee, bamboo skirtsie and ruffle dress and short sleeve romper for coming season.

Skirtsie (skirt/onesie) and ruffle dress are the perfect little dresses for every sweet little baby and toddler. Both functional and fancy, the onesie dress has the ease and casulness of one onesie yet adds a funky, fun flair withthe full skirt.

On Monday Kohler Co. sued Amersink, Inc., alleging infringement of Kohler’s design patents for kitchen sinks. The unique “Large D-Bowl” and “Double Equal Undercounter” Kitchen Sinks, Kohler alleges in the compliant filed in the Eastern District of Wisconsin Federal Court, are protected by design patent. Amersink’s versions “are inferior quality, deeply discounted, imitations of Kohler’s sink designs” says Kohler.

TORONTO – Seasons UV, the makers of 50++ UPF swimwear, Real Kids Shades and Tail Wags Helmet Covers are together promoting safety this summer by offering useful tips to parents. One of the biggest concerns is sun exposure when children are out playing. Seasons UV and Real Kids Shades are encouraging parents to provide sun protection, beyond sun screen, by highlighting the importance of proper clothing and sun glasses.