6 Snow Day Safety Tips

The Minkey family
The Minkey family

6 Snow Day Safety Tips
When you’re young, there’s nothing better than a snow day. Not only do they get to experience fun new activities like building snowmen, snowball fights and sledding, but their usual games take on a whole new element (tag in the snow is a lot different!). Like all things, however, we have to consider safety. Here are some snow day safety tips to keep in mind.
1. Sled Down Well-Used Hills
More than 20,000 kids end up in the ER every winter due to the sledding injuries. Kids dive down the nearest hill without considering what’s beneath the snow or at the bottom. Take your kids to a well-used hill in your neighborhood so you can be sure the track is safe. Plus, smooth hills are more fun anyway.
2. Layer Clothing
The key to keeping kids the right temperature when they’re out in the snow is to conserve heat while letting the steam off. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that kids wear one more layer of clothing than an adult would wear in the same circumstance. Instead of cotton (which absorbs moisture), the innermost layer of clothing should be a polyester or polypropylene fabric. For inner layers, use loose clothing that traps air for insulation. Of course, make sure the outermost layer (jacket or snowsuit) is waterproof. A great choice is fleece scarf, gloves and hat for kids to keep them warm and cozy.
3. Wear Bright Colors
Did you ever notice that kids’ winter clothes come in bright, 80s-style colors? Pedestrians are three times more likely to be hit by a car after the fall change than they are in any other time of the year, especially after the first snowfall. This is because drivers have a hard time adjusting to the changing light. If your kid’s winter clothes aren’t bright, invest in some reflective tape.
4. Manage Their Thirst
In the cold, we tend to lose our perception of our own thirst. We lose a fair amount of water just breathing chilly air. On top of that, kids are usually running around and playing, which causes them to sweat. Even if your child isn’t soaked in sweat, it’s still important to hydrate. Convince them to hydrate by offering a hot cocoa break.
5. Educate About Frostbite
Frostbite is a serious concern. It occurs when the water in your body literally freezes. By the time you see a blister, the damage has already happened. Inform your kids to be on the lookout for pain, tingling, numbness, or any type of decreased sensation. If any of those symptoms come about, immediately head inside to warm up.
6. Examine All Equipment
A lot of winter equipment sits for most of the year. It can rust, rot, or break without anyone noticing. Before you tie those skate laces or send your kids down the hill, examine all the equipment carefully. Make sure everything is in working order and it still fits properly. If you’re using advanced sporting equipment (like snowboards or skis), have them checked by the appropriate professionals.

Written by Christina Plejdrup, Mom and Inventor of the Minkey

Christina Plejdrup is a mother of a 3-year-old girl, Oliva, who tried many different winter products to see if she could find anything that could get her daughter to keep her gloves on as well as her hat and scarf. Christina tried the gloves with strings attached to them, she tried the gloves with glove clips and she tried the gloves with extra-long sleeves and nothing worked! She also tried the polo neck scarf and the baklava but Olivia managed to take those off too.
After several failed attempts to get her daughter to keep her gloves on as well as her hat and scarf, Christina started to design her own solution using a pair of Oliva’s tights! It worked like a charm and when Christina and Olivia would walk through their neighborhood in Germany, several parents were asking where they found such a unique and practical winter garment. This is when the Minkey (as her daughter calls it) was born.

The Minkey is a unique 3-in-1 winter hat, gloves and scarf for babies and toddlers. The Minkey is easy to use and goes great under any jacket, snowsuit, or vest and children have plenty of comfort and movement while wearing the Minkey. They will always stay warm and dry where it is important while out in the cold.
The Minkey is now an award-winning product adored by parents and kids all over the globe! Visit http://www.theolie.com for more information.