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If you follow me on Twitter, you’ve already seen this quote, “The customer doesn’t care.” I wish I could take credit for having uttered this phrase but alas it was actually Gary Wassner of the factoring firm Hilldun who made this proclamation at an event I attended recently. Out of all the insightful things he said, this was the one that really jumped out at me because it’s true: The customer really doesn’t care.

If you’re not getting the ROI you’d like from social media, chances are, you’re doing it wrong. The reality is, companies are enjoying both immediate returns like direct sales, retail sales and press hits as well as longer-lead benefits like brand loyalty and awareness. These gains can be yours but it does take time, a plan, the right tools and an understanding of your target market. Here, Kula Klips, Itzy Ritzy and Cute Beltz share how investing in social media has paid off for their businesses and why the learning curve never ends. —CC

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I can tell you exactly when I swore off wooden rollercoasters. It was mere seconds into my last ride on the Coney Island Cyclone. The constant jerking, bumping, and shaking seemed to go on forever. As soon as I placed my feet on solid ground, I swore I’d never do it again. It had been a few years since I’d been on any sort of coaster, and I’d forgotten the huge difference between wooden and steel. No matter how harrowing the turns, twists and loops, steel coasters at least offer a smooth ride. That experience made one thing clear: when barreling along a track at 60-plus mph, friction is bad.

We’ve heard it time and again: “the customer is king.” But thanks to what can euphemistically be called a “sluggish” economy over the last few years, too many retailers and manufacturers have decided to let shoppers call the shots. The result is a marketplace that looks defeated, offering safe products instead of innovation. Rather than newness, we’re getting sameness because everyone’s afraid consumers won’t give new ideas a sporting chance.

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If you’ve read my column in The Giggle Guide, then by now you might be thinking I’d be better suited for an editor position at Entertainment Weekly. And I’ll admit, when it comes to inspiration, I typically flock to my favorite television shows. Well, this article is a bird of the same feather. Now, before you swoop in with plans for a TV intervention, note that this show is at least high brow.

(This article originally appeared in the Caletha Crawford Childrenswear Consulting KidsBiz newsletter, access past issues here:

It’s not often that you hear a politician speak and think, “hey, this guy’s onto something,” but I had just such an experience watching Bill Clinton at the Democratic National Convention. Now, before you click ‘delete’ on this email, rest assured. I’m not getting all political on you, so both you Red- and Blue-Staters can utter a sigh of relief.