Spring is Blooming with Opportunities

Spice up your retail shop with spring cleaning, moving and redecorating!

I don’t know about you but the average low in Richmond, VA this winter was a mild 42! I am not complaining at all, but spring seems to be visiting us early this year based on my husband’s lawn mowing calendar. After having to cut the grass last week he announced we are a few weeks ahead of last year!

The change in season typically brings change in our minds and focus. You have made it through the holidays; kept (or maybe forgotten) your New Year’s resolutions and now we are now on to the possibilities that bloom in spring. As you think of challenges and opportunities let me share a few simple tips that you can add to your spring clean up around the store.

Redesign Competition:

Have your team come up with a new design layout for the cash register area, a specified section of product, window display or even the entire layout of the store! Possibly allow them a budget of say $100 for new display items and let them come up with a proposal on a layout/design.

Visit Four Square to register your location for social media gurus to enjoy!

Have each person present the idea to the staff (even if its only 3 of you) and select the best option. It empowers your team to get creative and stay involved! Also, you never learn more about inventory levels and gaps in products until you switch things up a bit. I suggest Pinterest for some DIY display ideas!

Sign-up for Foursquare:

This simple act of signing your store up for Foursquare can launch you into the digital age! It is free, takes about 2 minutes to sign up and brings your store into a community of shoppers that you can offer specials to if they use Foursquare. You may think that your store doesn’t need to participate but people go nuts about being the “mayor” of a location! This means they have visited one spot more than everyone else and others compete to take over as mayor. It’s a game really, but trust me grown adults get really into winning! You can have your store going viral without you having to do anything other than set up your location. https://foursquare.com/business/merchants

Register a QR code to direct customers to your website or facebook page!

Register a QR Code:

Another simple, FREE thing you can use to promote your store is a QR code. It is simple to create, and when you have this on all marketing materials, mailers, and/or a code at your checkout counter you are inviting customers to connect deeper with you on a social level. All a QR code does is allows iPhone users to scan the barcode and it directs them to whatever website you would like them to go to for your store. You can register your stores web address or even redirect them to your Facebook page! Use this to your advantage and stay ahead of the curve with your tech savvy customers. You can scan this QR code on your computer screen, I bet you can’t guess where it takes you… http://www.qrstuff.com/

Sponsorship Table:

Spring is the prime time for races, events and activities in the community. I know you all have been hit up several times for a “donation” to causes, raffles, silent auctions etc. Why not take that giving spirit you may (or may not) have and spruce it up to benefit your store. Seek out opportunities to have a non-profit or outside organization have a table in your boutique. All the products you sell on the table you can give 10% of the proceeds to that charity or event. It’s a win-win because they get exposure and in order to drive a larger donation they will do free marketing for your store. You can have a monthly sponsor for the table. This will help drive foot traffic and bring awareness to your store plus make you an integral part of your community at large.

Spring is a time for changes and opportunities! Dig into this season with open eyes and ears and allow yourself to bloom.

*Please note the links suggested in this email are a small sampling in the array of resources available. We encourage all retailers to use the sites that best work for their store.