5 Tips to Increasing SEO for Mompreneurs

You have a website. A beautiful website that you are so proud of and that showcases your product amazingly (sort of like our stunning kids belts site). You sit around and wait and wait… and wait… and nothing. You spent all of this time and money to produce not only a great product but also the time and money to produce a rock solid, professional website, so where is everyone? It’s like you sent out invites to the party, but no one knows how to get there.
That, my friend, is where SEO (Search Engine Optimization) comes into play. According to Wikipedia, SEO is the process of improving the visibility of a website or a web page in search engines via the “natural,” or un-paid (“organic” or “algorithmic”), search results. Makes sense, right? Basically you have to make sure that the search engines see your page.

This is the simplistic list of “to do’s” to get the search engines to see you and to see you as relevant.

First, you want to keep your content fresh. If it is constantly changing, search engines will keep crawling back to see whats new. A stagnant page will move down the list.

Second, you can use a keyword or phrase (specific to your product or service) and link back to other important pages on your on your site. For example, I would use the keywords “kids belts”, so I would write something like “As I sit here at my desk designing kids belts, it occurred to me that I should share with you some SEO tips for my fellow bloggers and mompreneurs!”

Speaking of keywords,the third thing is to use your keywords in your meta tags and meta description. This is more on the web designer’s side, but you should ask them to have your keywords listed. Generally, you don’t want more than 20 keywords and no more than 500 characters.

Fourth, Blog about it. That’s right, write. Even if you don’t think you are that great at it, do it. There are quite a few resources out there to help with topics. Why does this work? Refer back to number 1 & 2, if you blog daily, you are keeping your content fresh and you also have more opportunity to link back to the important pages on your site.

Fifth (and finally, at least for now), get other sites to link back to your site using your keywords. How do you do that? You can do that with press releases and with blog campaigns. Getting your product into the hands of other bloggers, who are going to sing it’s praises to their readers and use your keywords, is a win-win situation. You will start to see your numbers (Alexa rating) decrease (yes, that’s a good thing) and your search engine ranking increase.

This is a simple (and cheap) list of ways to start increasing your SEO. These are steps you can take that aren’t going to cost you a boat load of money in advertising.