Put the Power of Positive Thinking to Work for Kids

“I was inspired by my young son.” Haven’t these words launched countless ideas in business? Many entrepreneurs in the children’s industry started with thoughts just like this one: to create a better future for their children either through a new product or service. But what about a product that not only serves a purpose, but also helps children develop a positive outlook on life?

There are few better ways to spread ideas than through children’s books. After all, many parents view them as an investment, so they are usually well cared for but sit on the bookshelf so little hands can get them quickly. Books are usually read over and over again, with parents and children being able to recall stories verbatim (Anyone for One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish?) Children’s books become part of a shared family heritage. What better way to create positive values than to highlight principles like perseverance, goal-setting and having a good attitude?

Experts agree that reading is one of the best pastimes for children. It stimulates the brain and helps children create important developmental skills. But what they read is just as important as picking up the book in the first place. Books that grab a child’s attention, like the Harry Potter series, help motivate children to to read more. Attention grabbers with positive messages are even better, which is the clear selling point of Brooks Olbrys’s children’s tale, The Adventures of Blue Ocean Bob – A Journey Begins (ages 6 to 10). Lushly illustrated by Disney Interactive veteran Kevin Keele, the book lays out positive messages for finding a goal.

As the first book in a series, the story follows Bob, an 11-year-old boy who is trying to find his mission in life. Bob lives on a beautiful island surrounded by intelligent talking creatures that help him eventually reach his aim. The chapter book consists of 5 chapters and 56 pages. The story moves forward quickly, with easy-to-remember rhyming prose. With an emphasis on protecting marine life as well as determining and visualizing goals, this book will appeal to a new generation of conservationists and their parents.

Olbrys was inspired to pen the text after spending time reading to his son. The New Yorker, a graduate of Stanford University and the University of California at Berkeley, saw the need to pass on the ideas of influential motivational authors that influenced his own life. Olbrys was particularly concerned about helping children find a purpose, set goals, have a positive attitude and develop persistence in achieving their dreams.

Olbrys is also the founder of Children’s Success Unlimited. Since Olbrys is interested in philanthropy, the company donates to a variety of child-centered charities, including the New York Road Runners, which provides support for programs that encourage physical and academic fitness, and Harlem RBI, a group that provides youth development programs for kids in East Harlem.

While the chapter book is great by itself, the fun can go even further with the easy-to-play 2-in-1 Memory Card and Old Doc card games (37 cards). The cards reinforce the lessons from the text, such as encouraging kids to “Look for more” and “Think it.” iPhone and iPad apps are also available. The picture book is targeted to a younger audience, but follows the same story and principles in the chapter book. The second installment in the Blue Ocean Bob series is already being developed, and should be ready for release in 2014.

Bring the inspirational ideas and ocean awareness of Bob to your customers: www.blueoceanbob.com


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wonderful book

I’ve bought this book for my nieces and nephews. It is a fun read, nicely illustrated. Excellent message of setting and accomplishing goals without being preachy. Love the ocean theme and characters.