Bebe Bilingual Adds Foreign Languages to Baby Talk

Bilingual babies are sprouting up everywhere. In most major cities in America, you’re likely to encounter a toddler who can competently name their favorite food or their beloved toy in a foreign tongue. And these kids don’t necessarily have a parent who speaks that language. If you think this is a new trend embraced by parents who simply want their kids to seem to seem more worldly and sophisticated, think again.

Teaching your kids a second language has its benefits. Studies show that children who are raised in bilingual households may do better academically than their monolingual peers because they’ have adapted to juggling more linguistic information by an early age. Even for kids who weren’t born into a bilingual household, exposure to a second language in childhood can still offer a mental boost. The trick is to introduce it early.

The “language window” — as scientists refer to it — begins to close around the age of seven. Of course, people can still learn a foreign language after that age, but it likely won’t be in the same natural way as if it’s learned in early childhood, and it may be too late to reap the full intellectual benefits. That’s why so many parents today are encouraging their infants and preschoolers to embark on linguistic adventures with Spanish, French, Italian…. even Chinese.

There are a variety of foreign-language resources available for babies and young children, but few are as visually pleasing and heartwarming as those offered by Bebe Bilingual. Bebe Bilingual offers parents convenient flashcards and other products to help steep a child’s world in the beauty of both language and art.

Bebe Bilingual is the brainchild of Kimberley Schwede. Kimberly has an impressive portfolio of design under her belt, having created logos and designs for Swatch and other major companies and organizations. Her designs have been described as “feminine and whimsical”, incorporating flowing lettering, bright, happy colors, and classic children’s illustrations.

As an avid traveler who understands the importance of language immersion,, Kimberly wanted to offer learning tools that would be easy to use on the go. In addition to the flash cards, the company also designs lunchboxes, and placemats that are meant to be used as part of the child’s everyday surroundings. With the help of these kid-friendly resources, children can learn the words for foods, household items and other objects as well as other common phrases in Spanish, French and English.

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