Pre-Holiday Coverage for BopStar-PR clients

Kids Today, Nov/Dec 2009: The Dropper Stopper

Hot Moms Club contributor Natalie Klein wrote rave reviews for three of BopStarBaby’s fabulous clients!

First, she was thrilled with the No Slippy Hair Clippy® Organic Headband w/ Spider Flower. Then she fell in love with the new eco-friendly Pedoodles®. Finally, she went into raptures over The Dropper Stopper™. Thanks for helping spread the word about these wonderful products, Natalie - we’re so happy you’re happy with them!

The Dropper Stopper™ also showed up in a feature on “Impulse Items” in Kids Today.

More good news for No Slippy® - Hudson’s December 2009 issue included their new Baby’s First Hair Clips® and Baby’s First Bows® in their “Industry News” feature – complete with a lovely picture. No Slippy® also appeared in Earnshaw’s November/December 2009 issue; their monogrammed hair clips were introduced in the “New Lines” column.
Happy Holidays to everyone – see you in 2010!

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