BopStar-PR is back in Toronto

I’m writing to you from my new live/work space in one of Toronto’s most unique neighborhoods, Liberty Village. As you probably know, my roots in this city are deep. I launched BopStarBaby’s parent company, Be-Bop Communications Inc. here over 20 years ago. My focus was entertainment, and the roster of clients I collected represented the best of what Canada had to offer. Upon moving to the US, I saw opportunities in the children’s products industry¸ and BopStarBaby was born.

14 years have passed. Having built a successful business in New York and Nashville, I decided it was time to return to my native Canada and open a joint office with longtime friend Kay White, owner of Trick or Treat Booking Agency. I am still an entrepreneur, which I think we can all agree is a significant achievement in such a difficult economy, and I’m proud of what BopStarBaby has become. But my beloved mother’s health is failing, and after helping her to move into an assisted-living facility near this city, I knew I wanted to be able to spend much more time with her. My priorities – and my life – had to be entirely upended to make that a reality.

Months of preparation followed that realization. Downsizing (translation: yard sales, eBay, and charitable donations) made it possible for me to cross the Canadian border last month in a 26’ truck full of my most precious possessions. I’m still unpacking, but rest assured I’m open and ready for business. BopStarBaby’s signature BabyMakes3 baskets are being assembled and shipped to new celebrity parents through the end of this year, sure to provide plenty of publicity for our collection of wonderful products. BopStarBaby’s publicity services that were launched last year will now be a division of Be-Bop Communications Inc., continuing to offer companies in the children’s industry long and short-term representation, in addition to coordinating special projects and event services.

Now that I’m home again, I’m eager to return to what has always been my first love - publicity. Since I left in the mid-90’s, Toronto has continued to develop an incredibly vibrant cultural scene. New music, fashion, film, and theater are thriving, and I’m sure Be-Bop Communications will once again become a vital part of this community. I want to thank all of you for your support, and let you know just how much I appreciate your trust and confidence in BopStarBaby. Have a wonderful holiday!

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