Super Baby Food” Serves Up Know-How Nutrition

Moms who have really done their homework know that one of the most important things they can do for their child’s development – especially in the early years – is breastfeed if they are able, and then start the child on a high-quality diet with vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. This dietary transition can be a tough. Many commercially-made baby foods are not organic, thus running the risk of exposing a child to pesticides, or contain additives or other ingredients that may not be the best choice. That is why many mothers are beginning to make their own baby foods at home, and Ruth Yaron’s book, Super Baby Food, gives great guidance on making baby purees and on what and when to feed babies to keep them healthy and support their growth.

Ruth Yaron learned about the importance of early nutrition the hard way, when she gave birth to premature twins and decided that the best way to ensure that they grew up strong and healthy was to make sure they had an excellent diet. The results of that experience and further research she has done on the subject have led to the writing of the Super Baby Food book. This book is a trove of information based on the latest medical and nutritional information available, and provides guidance on what to feed baby and how to provide the best nutrition possible.

Yaron’s book contains 350 recipes for making baby food at home. There is an entire section on nothing but purees, with recipes like the Basic Vegetable Puree, Basic Fruit Puree (for fruits like peaches, apples, pears or nectarines), as well as the Avocado Smash, the Banana Smash, and Pureed, Cooked Peas. Her section on baby foods features recipes for Pureed Cooked Cauliflower, Legume Super Porridge and Baby Applesauce. She even has some incredible dishes cooked up for toddlers, including Avocado Cube Salad and Banana Pancakes. Following these recipes will ensure that baby and toddler receive the foods that they need when they need it to allow for optimal physical and cognitive development.

Super Baby Food also helps to give families knowledge needed to follow this program. For one thing, the author has written an A to Z directory of fruits and vegetables, with information on preparing and preserving them, including which recipes can be frozen for future use. There’s also a resource directory for where to source the organic fruits, vegetables and other groceries.

Stock this book to help your customers take the guesswork and anxiety out of the proper way to feed their infants and toddlers to promote a lifetime of health: