“Lottie’s Run” Is a Riveting Thriller for the Younger Set

An exciting adventure story with neatly woven-in sociological themes is bound to get kids’ hearts racing and their imaginations engaged while winning enthusiastic nods from parents. Lottie’s Run is the story of a girl whose dad is captain of England’s football team. She gets kidnapped and is forced to hide in the dark, scary woods. Lottie, a good student and very able athlete, relates the dramatic story of her pursuit and how she ultimately manages to escape. As a side note, Lottie and her family are mixed race and, while this isn’t the driving motif, it adds an interesting and valuable touch as does the way Lottie copes with periods of despair. Readers learn the value of using imagination and considering different options as they enjoy the intriguing story.

Lottie’s Run is by Dr. David Waugh, a veteran education writer whose works have had enormous success throughout schools in Great Britain. Currently Dr. Waugh is a senior teaching fellow at Durham University where he is the subject leader for Primary English. A former deputy head teacher, he was head of the education department at University of Hull.

“At its heart, this is an exciting adventure story for children, but I’ve also woven in some subtle societal themes in order to get young minds thinking,” explains Waugh, who has also written for The Guardian and the BBC.

This book, a genuine thriller for the nine-year-old-and-up set, begins as Lottie Perry leaves school at the end of an ordinary day, looking forward to a friend’s party and to watching her father captain his football team. Then she makes a major error, disregarding all she has been taught about not going off with strangers and finds herself alone and afraid in a strange place where all she can rely on are her wits.

Kidnapping, racism, wildlife, football, the effects of being a celebrity and attempts to communicate in French are all part of the dramatic mix, giving young readers plenty to hold their attention. The book, which is beautifully illustrated by Stuart Trotter, is available in both eBook and paperback formats. Boys and girls will find plenty to hold their attention as they get drawn into the adventures of this bold young heroine who is a stand-out at thinking for herself.

Waugh wrote the book for his beloved granddaughters; later, he showed it to children at a local primary school who responded with enormous enthusiasm.

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