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2HKnits is an organic, small family business owned and operated by Todd Berry and Puttachard Tanomrat. Since 1995 we have lived in the villages with the knitters, making a commitment in creating sustainable economic opportunities for them. Our goal is to support the women in this region by establishing knitting bases in the villages. Once we had the knitting based established, we ventured out in search of markets for supporting our knitting base. Our alliance aims to make economic development relevant to business by demonstrating that micro enterprise in developing countries provides a solution to poverty alleviation. It also makes good business sense for western customers to support fair trade companies.

Puttachard, born into abject poverty on the border of Thailand and Burma. Rising above the odds to be awarded an American Field Service scholarship in Italy. Upon returning to Thailand she was accepted into a prestigious University. Upon, graduating she decided to give back to her country, moved to the countryside and started working in the hand knit business. She has spent years training the local women at the grassroots level to knit her designs of exceptional quality and high aesthetic appeal. Providing a better quality of life for the knitters and their families in our community is a 2H goal. All our products are made by hand with adult women in a safe and secure environment. We provide long term employment, with each purchase of 2H product your are helping the knitters and their families grow. We hope you have as much fun wearing our sweaters as we do designing, knitting and producing them!

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