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ABC Fun Pads, Inc.

Child Proofing with ABC Fun Pads!
One of the most critical times in your child’s life will be when he or she is learning to walk. As your child experiences many falls, bumps and bruises, your coffee table can become one of the most dangerous obstacles in your home. The ABC Fun Pad will help protect your children from most of these injuries, while giving them a safe and fun place to play.

Let your child’s imagination run wild, while protecting your furniture!

The ABC Fun Pad has a great city scene where your children can race cars, drive tractors, and play with their dolls, all while protecting your coffee table. Not only can children play with toys on the pad, but they can also use their artistic imaginations, to safely color on the pad with stain-free washable markers!

Entertaining with ABC Fun Pads
You can keep your table padded even when you have guests. The opposite side of the fun city scene is a decorative design that works perfect for dinner parties, Super Bowl games and other special events. It can replace fitted tablecloths and even works as a pad for your coffee table, protecting it from hot dishes and drink spills.

ABC Fun Pads offers a product that you will find nowhere else. Our unique fun pad will give your kids hours of amusement, while easing your mind that they are protected from common injuries that occur around the coffee table. Child proofing can be fun and easy with ABC Fun Pads.

ABC Fun Pads are perfect for Parents, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Day Care Providers or anyone with small children. They also make great Gifts!

P.O. Box 4237 • La Mesa, California 91944
Contact: Jody Bridge
Phone: (866) 824-9915
Local: (619) 793-5795
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