Alpha Industries Inc.

A Part of the American Culture … Now for Kids

Main Profile

Alpha Industries Inc.

Years of manufacturing for the military and selling surplus paved the road for a smooth transition into the commercial fashion market. At the street level, Alpha was known as the producer of iconic military jackets worn by soldiers who faced extreme danger and harsh conditions.

These products emerged into popular culture. Soon enough Alpha became a distinct fashion brand worldwide, with recognition in American and in major international markets in Europe and Asia.

Alpha sets standard as a leader in cutting-edge apparel design. From flight decks to civilian sidewalks, Alpha stands on the frontlines of quality and fashion. Alpha is tried, tested and proven, and will remain part of the American Culture.

Alpha Kids = Alpha’s historic jackets & fashion style + a little bit of youthful fun

Alpha Kids translates its adult fashions to the world of active imaginations for both boys and girls. Promoting rugged style, action, rough and tumble wearability, mixed with exceptional style, Alpha Kids promotes both American pride and traditional values. Now offering a full range of boys’ and girls’ Fall and Spring collections, including outerwear, tees, twofers, flannels and more, all with kid-friendly military-influenced accents, pathches, graphics and styling.

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