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Ami Entertainment Solutions

Ami Entertainment Solutions is focused on providing entertainment specifically for children that will keep them occupied, focused and entertained in all types of environments. Ami Entertainment Solutions is committed to providing entertainment solutions that a parent can offer their children to keep kids entertained for hours. This allows parents to take their children out and makes all environments child-friendly, keeping children from getting bored and fussy due to the lack of quality external, visual, and auditory stimulation. This lack of stimulation tends to shorten parents’ time out and takes attention away from the task at hand. Ami Entertainment Solutions is giving parents the ability to more easily provide their children with the entertainment they want, when they want and need it most. This inevitably leads to a more positive, healthy experience for both child and parent.

The first few years of a child’s life are extremely important to their development socially and intellectually. Our objective is to provide a one stop solution in portable entertainment for children. The portable child-friendly device, along with a media player, gives parents the means in which to take music, shows, movies and educational programs with their children wherever they go.

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