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Baby Blanket SunCare Products

Baby Blanket SunCare is dedicated to providing quality, innovative sunscreen formulated especially for babies and adults with sensitive skin.

We use the industry’s leading methods to protect your baby with Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide formulas in a variety of unique application methods such as our Zinc Oxide Sunscreen Stick- great for ears, nose and chubby cheeks, our SPF 50 Titanium Dioxide Lotion with visual application to ensure proper coverage from head to toe and our Sunscreen Towelette which is great for a whole day in the sun and for a little one who won’t sit long enough to apply traditional lotion! Also check out our exclusive sunscreens formulated specially for baby’s delicate face and tender scalp. Every Baby Blanket product is dermatologist and pediatrician tested to be hypoallergenic, non-stinging, and water resistant and has a Sun Protection Factor of 45 or 50+.

Baby Blanket SunCare also offers unique gift assortments, perfect for your next baby shower or even the next family vacation.

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