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Baby Huggables

Baby Huggables was est in early 2007 with one patent pending product named; Baby Huggables Clips. This product was based on a grass route need in the safety market to help deter babies from being able to escape out of shoulder harness straps. Since this product was invented and offered to the public online, then along came; The Houdini Band, helping curb those stronger babies and toddlers who can remove shoulder harness straps and 5 point harness products, or who could break free from the Baby Huggables Clips.

Since this time, we have added to our product line over 300 products that help infants, babies, toddlers and children plus all parents. We are the home of the only shoulder harness safety security band and clips for 5 point harness straps and shoulder harness straps.

We as well offer; Grip to Clip, a stylish way for mom to keep the little one’s out of the side by side refrigerator or side by side cabinet. Comes in stylish designs and fabrics for any kitchen decor. Plus it’s totally machine washable.

Great products such as the MakAddy Clip tote, for those who need the security of having their items close by. The MakAddy Clip tote can clip right to the side of a child’s bed or an adult bedside or car seat. Fill full of toys, coloring books, ets. Or for magazines, Television remove, etc. Wonderful product to have bedside when a child or adult is not feeling well. Can be machine washed and as well can clip to the side or back of the stroller.

We adore what we make and hope you will take a tour of our website. We have been selling online since 2007 and have customers from around the world. Our customer service is top rated and this only furthers our customer base with offering a 100% money back guarantee.

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