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The most important interview you will ever do!

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The Birthday Interview

I was sure that I would remember, how could i not? After all. these would be the most important memories that I would ever have…. the sound of their voice, the smell and feel of their skin right after a bath, the way their sticky, chubby little fingers felt when they touched my face, that infectious giggle, the way they talked without the inhibitions that seem to trap us as adults, the perfect picture of their face as they slept. When my daughters, Katie and Cameron, were six and four, I must have sensed that I would forget. I now know that that was a DIVINE moment for me. It was a cold, January day and we had just celebrated their birthdays, which are eleven days apart. I pulled out the monstrosity of a camcorder that my father had given me when Katie was born. It was one of the most precious gifts I have ever received. I put in a tape and started asking questions. How old are you? What did we do to celebrate your birthday this year? What do you want to be when you grow up? What kind of teenager are you going to be? The list of questions grew longer as the children grew older. When I remarried, my step-daughter Jordan began her yearly interview. Every year (except a few of the teenage years when they refused to do the interview!) they picked their favorite spot and excitedly awaited the list of questions. The interview took about twenty minutes of our time, but gave us a priceless recollection of the year in review, all in the voices of my children. It was an opportunity to stop and spend individual time with each child. Every year, from ages four until eighteen (when they politely asked if the interviews could stop)we now have a Birthday Interview tape for each of them that allows us to go back in time, hear their voices, and be reminded of details we had forgotten…to remember the gift of their

My hope is that The Birthday Interview will become a cherished gift for you & your family.

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