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Coryal, LLC - Weboo Shoes

CORYAL is founded by a group that has a long and successful history designing and creating consumer products, with over 25 years experience and billions of dollars in sales of toy products alone.

Now, we are bringing a new philosophy to children’s footwear; to merge kid’s shoes with toys, bringing interactivity and “play value” to children’s shoe designs. Every pair will have some measure of toy value integrated into functional and comfortable children’s shoes.

Our multi-faceted approach will break new ground on two fronts, combining the most innovative children’s shoe designs with the most advanced ergonomic shoe construction available. Our unique and innovative “WeFit System” is formulated on a two pronged philosophy; make shoes that are the very best at facilitating the natural, healthy development of children’s feet, while also appealing to a child’s imagination and sense of adventure! WEBOO combines comfort with color, fit with fun, and health with happiness.

To put it plainly, WEBOO has engineered footwear that both a child and parent will love! WEBOO SHOES… Developing Healthy Feet and Huge Imaginations!

2932 Wilshire Blvd. • Suite 200 • Santa Monica, California 90403
Phone: (310) 828-6601


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