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There will always be children who carry themselves with a grace and style beyond their years. Much of that confident presentation comes from a good upbringing, but it’s displayed to its fullest by the right kind of clothes. De Salitto is a children’s fashion house that puts a youthful spin on fine European couture fit for a little prince or princess.

De Salitto was launched in Europe in 1993 and has been offering beautiful, quality clothing ever since. Like most fashion companies’ collections, De Salitto’s collections are divided into seasons; they also have a yearly school collection, an infant line, one dedicated to outerwear, and one for shoes.

198 Market Street Unit B • Elmwood Park, New Jersey 07407
Contact: Janice Rose
Phone: (201) 791-3366

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Welcome to the preteen years, which some parents have come to nickname “second toddlerhood”. At this age, it can be a balancing act to allow kids the independence and individuality they need, while ensuring they hold on to the innocence and wonder of childhood for as long as they can. By guiding kids’ choices in the right direction, parents can do their part to make this stage of growing up as fun, exciting, and rewarding as possible. Companies like 100% Gumdrop, Lemon, Inc., DeSalitto and Limeapple offer fabulous fashion options for parents – and their awesome tweens – to consider.

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198 Market Street Unit B
Elmwood Park, NJ 07407
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Janice Rose
(201) 791-3366
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