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There are many reasons to use a baby pouch to carry your baby. Endless amounts of information are available on the web and at your local library. You may want to spend some time researching baby wearing.

We can go over some important reasons why we love baby pouches. Pouches are easy to use. Once you have the correct size it will carry a newborn as well as a toddler (up to 35lbs.). You do not need to change sizes as your child grows. The child’s weight is distributed across the wearer’s back and shoulder reducing the aches and pains while carrying a child that are often experienced with other baby carriers. Green Pea baby pouches are easy to put in a diaper bag, purse, suitcase, or your car. The pouch can double as a changing pad when you are out, a highchair cover, or a play mat, and is machine washable. Many parents that are adopting overseas bring our carrier so they can immediately put their new baby close to them and begin the bonding process.

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