Imahot Design USA

With Imahot Design, pregnancy and breast feeding never looked more beautiful and flattering!”

Main Profile

Imahot Design USA

IMAHOT designs and creates high-quality maternity clothes, which double as nursing clothes after childbirth. Our products are made in Israel and have sold around the world as recommendations for our products have spread far and wide.

The business came out of my wish to be free to set my own schedule and fully involved in my three boys’ upbringing while achieving personal fulfillment.

I have come to discover the power and strength that comes from mothers who enjoy my designs and recommend them to others. I would like to offer anyone who is interested in being a part of our success an opportunity to become one of our independent consultants.

Moshe Fliman 8 • Castra Center • Haifa, Israel 35084 • Israel
Contact: Merav Balazs
Phone: 847.302.4834