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kicokids is a charming children’s wear collection that was born of love and nostalgia. In 2003, Tia
Cibani (a.k.a. Kico), founder and Creative Director, decided to express her love for the little ones in
her life through a collection of cuddly knits. The result? A cohesive collection of pullovers, cardigans,
dresses, skirts and more. As the fan club grew, Shu Pu (a.k.a. Kitty) joined as a partner, and what
started as a hobby expanded into a complete collection of knits and woven’s, as well as accessories
and fun lifestyle products. kicokids is a collection full of treasures and details that does not
compromise function, comfort and fun.

Having previously collaborated on a women’s high-end collection, Tia and Kitty share a passion for
fashion. Tia initially launched kicokids in reference to nostalgia, innocence, and “the good old days”
of childhood, Kitty brings with her a complementary point of view, one that is authentic to her
essence—global, quirky, avant-garde, playful, adventurous and fun. While Tia’s aesthetic focuses on
the feminine side of the collection, Kitty takes the lead in developing cool boy’s styles that are full of
surprises and delights. With further input from the real pros—parents of children ages 2 to 12-
kicokids has become a vital and ever-evolving collection, combining the sweet harmony of comfort
and style, with the quality construction required for active lives.

What started out as a fully fashion knits collection has expanded into woven styles, making for even
more fun and variety. Tia and Kitty share the vision to grow the kicokids concept into more then just
fashion- a complete collection of children’s wear and accessories that fit all occasions.

#3 Ninth Avenue • New York, New York 10014
Phone: (212) 675-5426
Fax: (617) 507-0421