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Underouts - underwear that's okay to be seen

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Knickerbocker Glory

Knickerbocker Glory is pioneering a new category of premium children’s undergarments.

The company’s unique range of “Underouts” are fabulously soft, comfy, and stylish undergarments that give girls the freedom to wear and do what they want and parents peace of mind. Underouts tops and bottoms are fashionable, fun, and made from a special blend of 31% organic cotton, 65% modal, and 4% lycra for a perfectly snug and stretchy fit that is luxuriously soft, breathable, and durable. No tight bands, itchy tags,or lace, just fabulous colours that are okay (if not purely intended) to be seen!

Founded by She-Brit, Sasha Muir (whose previous entrepreneurial successes include butter LONDON), Knickerbocker Glory is infused with the independent spirit that inspired girls in 19th century England to start wearing fashionable “knickerbockers” so they could do just what they wanted. Our Underouts are fresh and fun and allow today’s young girls to explore and grow whilst encouraging their unique sense of fashion. Our tagline, “Because I Want To…”, serves as a reminder that pursuing proper fun is essential and that being dressed appropriately is key to enjoying that freedom.

Our brand promises you…:

• Confidence that my daughter is not limited in her choice of activities due to clothing.
• Peace of mind that my daughter won’t be subjected to unexpected and embarrassing situations.
• Freedom to encourage and enjoy my child’s independent fun fashion sense.
• Guarantee that I receive the highest quality craftsmanship and a product that will perform as promised.
• Assurance that the level of service I receive will be commensurate to the quality and price of the product.

333 W. Kinnear Place • Seattle, Washington 98119
Phone: (888) 400-2431
Local: (888) 400-2431


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