Little Soles Inc.

Urban Class Footwear for Children

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Little Soles Inc.

Little Soles Inc. offers designer footwear to parents looking for an alternative to everything mainstream. We currently have 5 Collections that offer a range of sizes. Our Baby Soles Collection serves size 0-2US, our Little Soles Infants Collections serves size 3-8US and our Children’s Collection serves size 9-12US. Our designs are exclusively ours. Our company morals and practices are something we are very proud of. We are actively involved in our production processes, to ensure that we are meeting and exceeding the standards in Footwear toxicity testing. We truely are Urban Class Footwear for Children.

105-150 Crowfoot Cr. NW • Suite 205 • Calgary, Alberta T3G 3T2
Phone: (877) 710-0123
Local: (403) 270-0123
Fax: (403) 270-4401