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The ingredients are the product

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Matter Company

Matter Company is a distinctly Canadian company that provides a line of premium natural skin care products that balance the needs of our urban lives with our North American connection to the outdoors.

Based on contemporary Phytotherapy principles, and infused with the wisdom of traditional herbalism, each item represents a distillation of the living essences of plants, which have been known through the ages to encourage human health.

Each formula is slow-cooked to extract the essential properties of the botanical formulation into the product. Our traditional methods of extraction preserve their beneficial properties and all recipes are made in small batches to ensure the highest quality.

“The ingredients are the product”, our tag line, is synonymous with a commitment to purity and quality in the ingredients we use. Pure essential oils are added to create a ‘scent story’ that is not only indulgent, but enhances the therapeutic value of each product.

Over the past nine years, Matter Company has been at the forefront of natural personal care product development. A truly unique concept, Matter Company is rooted in a commitment to the environment, and an understanding of our connection to all living things. Thus, the “Matter” behind the company lies within the products, and is the foundation to the philosophy and ethics that drive its culture.

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