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Shari Criso is a Certified Nurse Midwife, Lactation Consultant, baby product expert, parent educator, entrepreneur, and mother of two amazing daughters.

She is the author of the “Simply Breastfeeding” DVD program: an award-winning breastfeeding class on DVD. With a simple, straightforward, and highly effective approach, Shari teaches you all the essential information you need to help you reach your desired breastfeeding goals.

She is also the author of the “Breast Pumps & Briefcases” CD: Just because maternity leave ends doesn’t mean breastfeeding has to. By preparing a practical strategy for pumping at works, there’s no reason you can’t continue breastfeeding long after returning to the office! Going back to the office is never easy. Let Shari help you avoid the pain and anxiety while guiding you through a smooth transition to work after baby. Breast Pumps and Briefcases is an absolute must for any Mom that plans to pump at work!

Shari also hosts an online TV show every week to answer YOUR questions on anything mom/baby/pregnancy related. Weekly sponsors and prizes, too! For details on how to join our LIVE weekly web TV show for new parents

28 Diamond Spring Rd • Denville, New Jersey 07834
Contact: Shari Criso
Phone: (973) 627-8850


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