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Here’s a fun, funky and unique children’s clothing line for your mod toddler diva — cute & groovy baby clothes that she will adore!

On our parenting journey, we discovered that our baby girls were practically born caring about their clothes. We wanted to see them in unique baby dress & jeans outfits, baby swing tops, and more, but as toddlers they have their own fashion ideas to add too!

Our baby divas insist on soft & comfy toddler clothes with favorite colors & recognizable pictures. They want fun toddler clothes; dresses that twirl! They want to say hello to a ballerina, fairy, puppy, jungle animal or monkey on their baby clothes, point out their favorite girlie accessories, and pick out their own piece combinations. And they want to play in their boutique baby clothes — inside, outside and upside down!

It’s not so easy to find boutique toddler clothes that are also comfortable, soft, and toddler-friendly. We needed toddler outfits with boutique baby jeans that our preschool princess would actually wear! And when she finally fell in love with a boutique dress & jeans set, we needed to add all-weather versatility. It’s wonderful to have coordinating pieces that can be layered, to bridge the seasons and make those favorite baby swing & jeans sets last.

And so we created Pixyworld — a land of little girls’ dreams. Our groovy patchwork baby dresses, embellished little girls’ boutique jeans, leggings, and other mix-and-match clothing pieces are designed to delight a toddler’s senses with their fun printed and embroidered pictures, soft and comfy feel, and almost limitless combinations. In each collection, we strive to combine colors and themes that your little pixie would have thought of herself. We love to hear the stories about a Pixyworld outfit staying at the top of a little girl’s drawer because it’s all she wants to wear!

1701 Sheffield Dr. • Ypsilanti, Michigan 48198
Contact: Melody Wilson
Phone: (734) 474-7985