When your two hands are not enough

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Beautiful colors and a multitude of unique shapes and designs were the fashion in baby feeding bottles in the late l980s. It was a transformation in the Baby Bottle business that parents gladly accepted after a long period of using trite, boring Baby Bottles. It was a perfect time to come up with new ideas because the market was so ripe for a change. It was a windfall for the Baby Bottle business.

Then came along the idea of Podee® Hands-Free Baby Bottle. One midnight, for lack of breast milk from the mother, the father had to bottle-feed his second newborn baby. Having experienced many sleepless nights feeding the first born with a regular Baby Bottle, the father came up with an idea of putting together a contraption that would make baby feeding easier, less stressful and most important…safer. The Podee® Baby Bottle (Hands-Free Baby Bottle) was born! No more sleepless nights.

Driving with his newborn in the car and having to hold the Baby Bottle to feed his hungry baby with one hand while steering with another was not his idea of safe driving. Thanks to his new invention, he could keep his hands on the wheel while his baby could feed contentedly on her own with the Podee® Baby Bottle.

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