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It is a collection of handmade hair accessories for women and kids and is dedicated to the owner’s daughter and her trendy little friends as well as their hot mothers who love to look fabulous. All the accessories are named after members of our family and friends, who supply a constant source of inspiration. This connection between the loved ones and the accessories that they inspire is a huge part of what makes Republic of Pigtails so special. Each piece has its own identity and personality, complete with a little narrative that embodies the special person that helped create it just by being who they are!

167 Wayne street • 301A • Jersey City, New Jersey 07302
Contact: Rika Gunawan
Phone: (201) 375-3858

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Mailing Address
167 Wayne street
Jersey City, NJ 07302
United States
Primary Contact
Rika Gunawan
(201) 375-3858