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My First Friendly Harness is a great innovation. It combines the safety of a child harness plus the revolutionary idea of a friendly and non offensive cute animal doll. It keeps the child close to the parent or guardian by an attachment tail that gives enough room for the child to feel free, but just enough distance for the parent to feel the child is still close enough in case he/ she has to reach for the child.

My First Friendly Harness provides 2 safety systems: a top buckle, and a bottom belt for double security. It gives enough space for the child to move freely, but is close enough that the parent will be there if he/ she gets in any trouble. Babies are explorers! Parents need to let them develop and go through every stage of their psychological and physiological development. My First Friendly Harness will allow them the freedom they need, and will give parents the peace of mind they need: keeping their little ones close and safe!

5850 NW Kiska Court • Port Saint Lucie, Florida 34986
Phone: (866) 376-9790
Local: (954) 736-7571


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