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Bringing art and play together is Long Pond Company’s mission. Long Pond Company creates unique, heirloom-quality wood toys, furniture and other personalized gifts for children. All Long Pond creations are custom made to order. They use furniture-grade hardwoods and hardwood laminates finished with a durable gloss acrylic for lasting beauty and cleanliness. Customers can customize their orders with Long Pond’s original art and characters, and hand-painted personalization is available at no extra cost. All Long Pond Company toys and furniture are made in the U.S.A.

Buying children’s shoes used to be a chore, but with the popularity of easy-fastening systems and styles that practically dance out of the store, the experience is a lot easier and far more fun. The children’s shoes of today are as jazzy and comfortable as manufacturers can make them. Shoes from Kirsten Licet, Zooshuu, Zooligans and Lelli Kelly take a cue from the animal world to come up with captivating designs that attract kids’ attention. When shoes have child-appeal in the design, and make sense to adult shoppers with fine materials and top quality construction, the bottom line will show the results.

a-door-nimals are a versatile creation from the minds and hearts of two grandmas. An a-door-nimal is a baby-friendly stuffed animal holding a high-quality dry erase board heart. The animals were originally created to be used as birth announcements to decorate hospital room doors. a-door-nimals can be hung on the outside of the door with a message that includes baby name, birth date, weight, and any other info parents want to share. Because the writing surface is a dry erase board, parents can easily change the message. Moms can write, “shhh… napping” or “privacy please, nursing baby.”

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the most important person of all? You are, especially when you’re a kid. Youngsters are the centers of their own universe which is why I See Me! books are such a huge success. Introduce your customers to these books that enhance little ones’ sense of self as they learn to recognize letters, spell their names, celebrate holidays and accept new siblings into their families. Nothing stimulates the desire to read more than reading about yourself — the most famous celebrity of all. For a young swashbuckler, display a set that includes the My Very Own Pirate Tale, a personalized storybook about life on the high seas

Expired: March 12th, 2012 - April 5th, 2012

The Easter Bunny has arrived!

This is the BIGGEST sale Zoobies® has ever offered. For the month of March only, we are offering 4 FREE Goodnight Moon™ Bunnies for every $200 spent—an $80 value! Spend $400 and get $160 free!

Note: Offer not valid with any other discounts and will only be offered for product shipped before April 5th.

What’s not to love about birthday parties? There are the presents, the cake, the happy guests, the fun atmosphere. Everyone has a birthday, but no one enjoys it more than a child. With somewhere between 10 and 50 children at a party (and sometimes even more!), the pressure is on to keep them all happy, well fed, and interested. Most of these children have already attended dozens of parties, so families are looking for ways to create a unique birthday party experience. This unique experience can be achieved with products from party-hardy companies, including Attitude Pie, Party Partners, and It’s My Party.

Moxie Couture is an up and coming juvenile girl’s clothing line, their very popular collection of TuTu One Pieces were a hit in 2011 and with sales up 32% the first six weeks of 2012; they are proving to be a “must have” item among baby girls.

Will Moxie Couture Be A Hit With Your Customers?

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For decades, mompreneurs have been a creative force behind product innovations in the children’s market. Not content to make do with what the retail world offers, moms often come up with ideas to solve common childcare problems. The Giggle Guide® editors heard about a mompreneur that we’re pretty sure has no equal, and yet is relatable to the “everymom.” Robyn Pellei is the mother of 10 children, ages newborn to 12, the most recent born last December. This former nurse is now a home school educator and teaches all of her children at home. And in her spare time, she is the CEO of ViveVita.

Creations by You sold their first craft kit in 1992. Since then, they have developed a complete line of activity kits and programs for kids and young adults that inspire creativity. Their multi-award-winning kits and school programs include the materials needed to assist young people in making creations that can be sent in for professional production, resulting in treasured keepsakes. The effort put into these kits is rewarded when the finished product is received, and also serves to build self-esteem, an appreciation of the arts and memories to last a lifetime.

Zoobies is a favorite among toddlers and kids for being a fabulous stuffed animal that turns into a pillow which expands to a blanket!! They have become even more creative and added two new lines this season Book Buddies™ & Duffle Dogs™. Much like their classic Blankie Pets™ these are sure to be a hit for specialty baby and toy stores across the country! Don’t forget these are great products to personalize.

It’s disappointing to put a picture up on the fridge only to have its edges curl or food particles splash across a loved one’s faded face. If only there was a magnetic protective frame cleverly designed to hang vertically or horizontally that also allows personalization and customization. Well, Fancy That, there is! Fancy That Frames are brought to you by the Bearington Collection, a family-owned company dedicated to creating adorable and affordable plush gifts, collectibles and accessories. Since 2000, Bearington has received over 60 industry design awards and nominations.

Parents may not like showing their own age, but they sure love a chance to show off their little one’s! Liz had a baby son and realized just how fast time can go. She also realized that unless she looked at the date of her photos, she wasn’t always so sure about just how old her child was on some of those special days. Sure, many parents photograph their kid by a handmade sign displaying the age of their little one, but slapping a BabySmiles sticker on an outfit they already own is far more adorable and extremely affordable.