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Eyla’s is a one stop shop! We offer Grandma El’s Diaper Rash and Prevention by Grandma El’s (www.grandmaels.com), various Dryer Balls by Baby Bear Crafts (www.babybearcrafts.com), nose cleaning systems from Dr. Hana’s Nasopure (www.nasopure.com), BPA Free Silicone Jewelry for all ages and stages by Jellystone Designs (www.jellystonedesigns.com), all natural and organic hand crafted personal care products for babies and adults by Momma Nature® (www.momma-nature.com), and affordable, quality cloth diapers and accessories that are better for the earth, your budget, and your baby by Sweet Pea Diapers (www.sweetpeadiapersusa.com). In addition, Eyla’s offers safe, non-toxic water bottles and feeding supplies by Eco Vessel (www.ecovessel.com), Hazelamber, Hazelwood and 100% Baltic Amber by Healing Hazel (www.healinghazel.com) and nutritious foods for moms and moms to be by CredibleCravings (www.crediblecravings.com).

1045 Rosemary Street • Denver, Colorado 80230
Contact: Amy Chapman
Phone: (303) 785-5503