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Oyaco Products Inc.

Oyaco Products Inc. is a distributor of innovative, safe and high quality baby, maternity and children’s products. The word Oyaco (o-ya-co) was derived by combining the Japanese word “oya” meaning “parent” and a modified version of the word “ko” which translates to “child”.

As the manufacturer and distributor of the Snugbag baby sleeping bags, we were one of the first companies to introduce baby sleeping bags to North American parents. Widely used in Europe and linked to safe sleep, we knew we had a winning idea. Today, babies and young children can enjoy a safe and comfortable sleep without loose blankets or top sheets to get tangled up on, and no covers to kick off so they do not get cold. This provided peace of mind for moms and dads, and a good night’s rest for all the family.

We take a great deal of pride in the brands we represent. Sourced from countries around the world, the brands ultimately found in our portfolio have been carefully selected, tested and evaluated by a panel of peers and moms. All our products meet safety standards and governmental regulations.

Our retailers have come to associate Oyaco products with quality, safety and innovation. We strive to provide excellent customer care through prompt, efficient, friendly and dedicated service.

The consumers of our brands are informed, discerning, non-compromising, and wanting the best.

We create awareness of our brands through catalogs, select websites, national PR/advertising in the most informative magazines for expecting and new parents. In addition, our brands can be found at most Baby and Toddler shows across Canada.

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