Perfect Products for Precious Preemies

Itzy Ritzy Peek-a-Boo Pod

Premature infants benefit from an extra special dose of tender love and care, as well as some unique products to help with their special needs. In honor of Prematurity Awareness Month, and the The March of Dimes’ efforts, The Giggle Guide® recognizes the following companies who offer products designed to help small infants, with special attention to the needs of preemies: Mommy’s Little Helpers, Comfort Silkie,Itzy Ritzy, TummyTubs and AvaBaby’s.

Guardian Sleeper May Reduce SIDS

Guardian Sleeper
Developed by two concerned mothers, The Guardian Sleeper from Mommy’s Little Helpers is a one-piece cover and positioning device that helps newborns maintain a healthy body temperature and sleeping position throughout the night. Premature infants have less ability to regulate their body temperatures and are at a greater risk for SIDS.

The Guardian Sleeper keeps baby warm, without the risk of blankets covering the face, and secures the baby in a stable position on its back. The sleeper is available in polar fleece, 100% cotton, and organic cotton/soy blend. Retails for $39.95-$69.95.

Mommy’s Little Helpers supports the March of Dimes by donating $1 for each Guardian Sleeper sold in November.

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Comfort Silkie Offers Bonding and Security

Comfort Silkie
For the past two decades, bringing comfort to precious preemies and their parents has been the mission of Comfort Silkie. Comfort Silkie’s patented security blanket is recommended by neonatologists and NICU nurses to enhance bonding and create a scent connection.

This blankie is designed with cuddly, soft as skin flannel and silkie satin that feels like the fluid within the womb — offering a soothing sensation for premature babies. The blanket easily absorbs a parent’s unique comforting scent, which in turn encourages nurturing interactions and parent/child bonding. In seventeen appealing colors, this preemie must-have retails for $17.00. For years, owner Jeanelle Troncone has supported the March of Dimes through educational assistance and products.

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Peek-a-Boo Pod Provides Privacy and Protection!

Itzy Ritzy Peek-a-Boo Pod
Well-meaning onlookers are always enchanted with tiny babies, forgetting that premature infants are more susceptible to germs and viruses! The Peek-a-boo Pod by Itzy Ritzy is a fabric shell that covers infant carriers, protecting babies from germs, wind and sun. With an elastic band to keep it secure, The Peek-a-boo Pod fits all infant car seats and offers a unique handle opening for a secure grip on the carrier. Retails for $39.99, in Hollywood blue and pink, leopard and licorice swirl.

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TummyTubs® are Like a Womb with a View!

The original Tummy Tub is a unique womb-shaped and sized bath that eases a newborn’s transition from a familiar, safe place into an unknown world. The TummyTub is ergonomically designed without sharp edges to harm the baby’s skin, and is made out of the most baby and earth-friendly materials. Using significantly less water than traditional baby baths, TummyTub provides a soothing environment for newborns and preemies, plus an uncanny resemblance to the mother’s womb. It provides consistent warmth all over the body that lasts, due to the small surface area, a sheltered/filtered environment, and support on all sides. As the baby sits in a fetal position, the bath promises to calm and sooth.

The TummyTub retails for $44.95 and is also available with its companion stool component for $94.95. It has passed every safety regulation and is used in neonatal and maternity wards, earning praise from midwives and physicians.

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Leave it to Grandma! AvaBaby’s Got Preemies Covered Online

Finding clothes that fit preemies, especially those weighing less than 3 pounds, used to be nearly impossible. Following the birth of two premature grandchildren, Rebecca founded an online retail store, AvaBaby’s! It’s a one-stop resource of delightfully tiny clothing and accessories designed to fit the smallest of infants, weighing 1 to 11 pounds. Beautiful handmade items, and the softest of fabrics designed for tender preemie skin can be found at this reliable and experienced source. Brands include Preemie Yums, Earlybirds, Kumquat, Tiny Bundles and others. Accessories include products by SwaddleDesigns, Luna Lullaby, Max Daniel Baby, Lil Pacee and more.

To see the entire retail collection and learn about AvaBaby’s Annual Preemie Clothing Drive in which 100% of all proceeds are donated in an effort to provide support for preemies and their families who are in the NICU, visit